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Advance polls for Russell Twp residents

If you have not received your voter's information card and you want to know where you can vote either on election day or in advance there is an app you can download at

Why one has to go through the app process instead of just going to a list is a mystery, but it is not a simple or convenient process. In fact, I gave up. Fortunately my voter's card arrived.

Russell residents can vote at advance polls as follows:

May 29, 12 noon to 5 pm Hawkesbury Mall, 107-400 Spence Ave.

10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at:

May 19 - 23 J.R. Brisson Complex, 758 Brebeuf St., Casselman

May 19 - 28 Marionville Comm Ctr. 4629 Gregoire Rd.

May 19 - 28 Club d'Age d'Or Renaissance, 20 rue l'Arena, St., Isidore

May 19 - 28 Maple Hall 2552 Old Montreal Rd., Cumberland

May 27 - 28 Vankleek Hill Arena, 36 Mill St.

May 19 - 28 Gary Shepherd Hall, 102 Derby St. West, Alexandria

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