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Carlsbad Springs protest planned for Sunday

Vetter file photo

The Carlsbad Springs Community Engagement group, Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital and Ecology Ottawa are organizing a protest this weekend towards the City’s decision regarding the deforestation carried out by Taggart Group, the AOO and Ottawa Cedar Lumber.

The group's Facebook page says the peaceful protest will be held at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre near the hockey rink this Sunday, March 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This is not the first time protests against plans made by the Taggart Group of companies have been held at the Community Centre on Piperville Road. Several previous protests against the CRRRC, the Taggart Miller consortium's planned landfill, were held both inside and outside the centre about ten years ago.

In the ten years since Taggarts and Miller Waste announced they plan a 450,000-tonne per year landfill on a property very near the proposed Tewin development local residents have been kept in the dark regarding final plans.

Approval for the landfill was given by then-Minister of the Environment Glenn Murray in 2017. That decision was good for a five-year period which has now passed. Proponents were to start construction within five years or lose their approval. However, when questioned by a local resident the proponents stated they did some digging around a drain which constitutes beginning construction.

That site was chosen after Taggart Miller's plan to put the mega-dump in Quarry Lake in Russell Township met with too much opposition. Residents in Russell are still concerned as the lake property is still owned by a Taggart corporation and is the only lake in the South Nation River watershed. It is a home for thousands of nesting birds and an important staging area for migratory birds. The recent addition of heavy equipment on the site has local residents, farmers and birders worried.

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