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CJRO approved for expansion to Casselman

CJRO Radio is thrilled to announce it has been approved for a new FM transmitter in Casselman. The CRTC approves, on an exceptional basis, an application by CJRO Radio to amend the broadcasting licence for the low-power English- and French-language community radio programming undertaking CJRO-FM Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, in order to operate a new low-power FM transmitter in Casselman, Ontario, to rebroadcast the programming of CJRO-FM. Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2022-345 | CRTC Décision de radiodiffusion CRTC 2022-345 | CRTC We will be aiming in the spring 2023 to install our new FM transmitter and antenna in Casselman. By the end of April / early May when the weather is warmer. We would like to thank Barry Rooke and everyone on the NCRA/ANREC team for all the assistance with this application and the process.

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