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I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from my home office in North Russell.

First, an item of importance to communities like ours on the City of Ottawa’s rural outskirts. The city’s planning department staff report recommends adding 1,650 hectares to the suburbs, to be built on undeveloped lands.

The city's planning committee and rural affairs committee will discuss the proposed boundary expansion by videoconference on May 11. The city is set to vote on May 27, and the decision will be final. Several organizations are opposing both the rezoning, and the timing, considering the difficult circumstances. I’ll be discussing this news item in depth on Local First this week, so tune in.

The Carlsbad Springs Community Association is asking for help bringing attention to the issue of high-speed internet service to the Carlsbad Springs area. It is currently a patchwork of different services, with some working well in some locations but not others. Denis Labreche of the Community Association, who is also our producer, is asking the City of Ottawa, MPP Stephen Blais and MP Marie-France Lalonde for help in getting better connectivity. A community high-speed was started in 2019 but not acted upon due to City restrictions on a tower project. It was thought Bell fiber-optic might be extended due to service to the Amazon building but that is not going to happen. Labreche said he was told Xplornet LTE is over-capacity, and limited other options are expensive. So he is asking all levels of government to support an initiative to bring Rogers to the whole community. Labreche has worked in the communications business for over 25 years. He points out that at a time when so much must be done digitally the issue has become urgent.

The City of Ottawa is still going ahead with the Ward Boundary Review.

The Supreme Court of Canada says ward boundary reviews are intended to achieve “effective representation.” This is the “goal” of all ward boundary reviews. But it is also happening without elected representation in Cumberland Ward.

The Round 2 public consultation period is now expected to be from June to September. The public can participate in the discussion guestbook, take the survey at, email your comments to, or mail your comments City Hall.

For more information, see

Piperville Road will be closed half the year while its bridge is replaced. Construction starts in early July and is expected to end in December. The road will be fully closed between Farmers way and Russell Road. A 15 kilometre detour will be in place via Anderson Road, Leitrim Road and Russell Road.

Thunder Road culvert is also going to be replaced, and will likely be in 2021, depending on when the Piperville construction is finished.

There is a great initiative from the Ottawa Police Services Youth Advisory Committee, who announced a new Check Up Challenge. It encourages youths to check up on three friends each day and tag them, hashtag #checkupchallenge.

In L’orignal, the United Counties of Prescott and Russell has announced it will build a $36-million federally licensed slaughterhouse and vegetable processing facility. UCPR describes it as a food hub that will be built in partnership with the private sector.

The location was not announced, but the hub will include a federal slaughterhouse “to meet the needs of regional and national markets.”

UCPR’s announcement said sixty-five jobs are anticipated.

A call for tenders will be issued shortly. Ground breaking is planned in early 2021, and opening in fall of 2022.

UCPR Warden Pierre Leroux said it was time for municipalities to launch innovative projects to generate new revenue streams to help cover municipal expenses with funds other than subsidies and property taxes.

Stéphane Sarrazin, Chair of the county’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee, referenced the COVID-19 crisis. He said, “Due to the increasing uncertainty across international markets, food self-sufficiency has become more important in terms of availability, freshness and traceability.”

And there’s more sad news from long-term care homes. In Orleans the Madonna Care Community had several deaths last week, due to COVID-19. Many of its residents and staff have also tested positive for the virus. Staff from The Ottawa Hospital have now come in to bolster the team. The hospital’s SWAT team is a combination of different types of hospital staff including physicians and nurses.

In other virus news, another strange symptom has appeared. “COVID toes” are not yet confirmed as a symptom of COVID-19, but some podiatry and dermatology associations have noted that strange bruising and lesions on the toes might be signs of coronavirus infections. There is a pattern of itching, dermatitis and unexplained bruising. It may be caused by inflammation, but it is unknown how. Or it may be connected with an increase in blood clotting, which some patients have shown.

Finally, Ottawa Public Health is inviting questions to bylaw officers in the coming days. Send your questions to hashtag #OttCity. (Keep them polite, please.) And bylaw officers will post video answers.

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