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CJRO News August 30th to September 5th, 2021

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from our studio in Embrun.

While checking on election news I came across an interesting fact. Did you know that in Canada there are currently 22 registered political parties, 19 deregistered parties and four unregistered parties? The deregistered and unregistered ones include the Pirate Party of Canada, and my personal favourite name for a political party, the Absolutely Absurd Party. Seems appropriate somehow doesn’t it?

The registered parties are the:

Animal Protection Party of Canada

Bloc Québécois

Canada's Fourth Front

Canadian Nationalist Party

Centrist Party of Canada

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Communist Party of Canada

Conservative Party of Canada

Free Party Canada

Green Party of Canada

Liberal Party of Canada

Libertarian Party of Canada

Marijuana Party

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Maverick Party

National Citizens Alliance of Canada

New Democratic Party

Parti Patriote

Parti pour l'Indépendance du Québec

People's Party of Canada

Rhinocéros Party

Veterans Coalition Party of Canada

Locally, in the riding of Orleans Jessica Joanis is running for the NDP, Marie-France Lalonde for the Liberals, Spencer Oklobdzija for the PPC, and Marie-Elsie Wolfe for the Conservatives.

In Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Francis Drouin is running for the Liberals, Daniel Lapierre for the Greens, Konstantine Malakos for the NDP, Susan McArthur for the Conservatives, Brennan Austring for the PPC, and new candidate The Joker is running as an independent.

In Carleton, Peter Crawley is running for the PPC, Nira Dookeran for the Greens, Kevin Hua for the NDP, Pierre Poilievre for the Conservatives, and Gustave Roy for the Liberals.

The Carlsbad Springs Optimist Club is organizing an important fundraiser, a Recycling and Bottle drive, to help raise funds for future children’s activities. The recycling drive will take place rain or shine, on Saturday, September 18th from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre at 6020 Piperville Road.

Organizers say they the recycling drive will need many volunteers, at least four people per hour. To help out call Lucie Régimbald at 613-821-3431. The annual drive was begun about eight years ago as an appropriate way to raise funds for the Dump This Dump 2 campaign. Since then the Optimist Club has continued it.

Besides bottles the drive will also accept vehicle batteries, radiators and alternators; aluminum (including aluminum cans); brass, copper and steel; stereos, speakers, televisions, cell phones, and computers. It will not accept paper, plastic or wood.

As everyone who’s lived here for a decade or more knows, garbage reduction is a critical issue, especially for communities such as Carlsbad Springs, Russell and west end Ottawa around Carp Road, all places which have been targeted for mega-landfills.

The City of Ottawa has stated its waste diversion rate has barely increased in that time, so it is hoping to decrease waste going to landfills and is inviting the public to comment.

Three options are being considered:

· Partial Pay-As-You-Throw: Each household can set out a certain number of garbage items every two weeks. Any household putting out more than that can purchase garbage tags for each additional item, as needed. · Reduced Firm Garbage Item Limits: A set number of garbage items can be placed at the curb. The number would be lower than the current 6-item limit. Anything above the limit would not be collected.

· Clear Bags with Recycling and Organics Bans: Households would use clear bags for curbside garbage collection. Plus, due to the recycling and organics bans, they would not be able to place recyclables or food and organic waste into the clear garbage bags. Public engagement and how to get involved is posted on the Solid Waste Master Plan page at Russell Township has had a one-bag limit with additional garbage tags for purchase for many years.

Within Ottawa City limits registration is open for the Fall 2021 Cleaning the Capital campaign. You can register a clean-up project at until September 30th. Get cleaning between September 13th to October 15th . Clean-up kits will be made available for pick-up at seven City facilities. Save your registration code to submit one clean-up report for each project completed by October 31st. 

Covid numbers in Ontario have risen again, with 835 new cases reported on Saturday, August 28th, and 740 new cases reported on Sunday, August 29th. Like last week, the cases are about 75 per cent (or three-quarters) in unvaccinated persons.

The Village of Vars is still leading the country in vaccinated residents, with almost 100 per cent of eligible residents vaccinated, which is over 85 per cent of the village’s total population. Edwards and Cumberland also have very high vaccination rates, but Sarsfield and Navan are much lower. With the fourth wave upon us major media outlets are reporting that the Province of Ontario will be instituting a vaccine passport system this week.

Anyone 12 or over can drop in to Ottawa community clinics, into pop-up clinics, or can contact pharmacies for availability or appointments. If you already have an appointment for a second dose this fall you can get an earlier date.

This is your last week to enjoy swimming at public swimming pools. Most outdoor pools in the area will be closed after September 3rd. Some exceptions are City of Ottawa wading pools, many of which are already closed, due to a lack of lifeguards, the City said.

The servicing plan for the 417 Industrial Park in Russell Township will be revised, starting with a public meeting in September. The design phase is underway, even though parts of the design include land that is not owned by the municipality and is zoned Agricultural. One issue, among many, is if property owners there can have any say in the design. A larger issue to the public may be the financing now, during uncertain times, of an industrial park which may not bring benefits for years or decades.

The Township of Russell has a new fireworks by-law only allowing residents to use family fireworks on specific dates. They are Canada Day and the two days before and after, Victoria Day and the two days before and after, New Year’s Eve, the day before and the day after, St. Jean Baptiste Day, and the day before and the day after. No fireworks are allowed during a fire ban and fireworks are not allowed in parks.

Crime Stoppers annual golf tournament is going ahead on September 15th at the Pine View Golf Club. The tournament is Crime Stoppers’ biggest fundraising event, and its success is key to continuing to offer cash rewards for anonymous tips. Organizers are looking for participation in the form of sponsorships, registering to play, buying a dinner, or donating a prize.

Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit program which relies solely on donations from private citizens and local businesses.

To register for the golf tournament go to

Do you have news that matters to our area? Do you have a local business? How have you managed the last year and a half? Tell me your experience by emailing

Tune in to Local First for interviews regarding local news, and follow us on Facebook.

I’m Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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