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CJRO News February 12 to February 18, 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from Embrun.


The federal leader of the opposition, Pierre Poilievre, may become the MP for Edwards and the parts of Carlsbad Springs and Vars which lie south of Highway 417. Poilievre’s current riding, Carleton, will be expanded if the proposed new riding boundaries win final approval. Independent commissions in each province decide on the changes. Their mandate is to keep riding boundaries approximately equal in population. Currently a Commons committee is holding formal meetings with MPs who objects to changes in their ridings. Many rural politicians, such as northern MP Charlie Angus, are concerned that their communities’ concerns will be swallowed up. Northern Ontario is losing a complete riding, while Alberta is gaining several new ridings. Locally, the concern is that the western and eastern ends of Poilievre’s riding, Carleton, have little in common other than being rural. Carleton extends beyond Dunrobin in the west, and to Burritt’s Rapids in the south, and once again Carlsbad Springs, Vars and Edwards will be on the very edge of a divided community. The new boundaries are expected to be set in April.


Last week the federal government held a summit on the problem of auto theft in Canada, something this area has experienced a lot of. Three potential partial solutions were proposed. Minister of Justice, Ariv Virani, said one is increasing penalties for thieves, which currently do not usually receive jail time, even though individual thefts are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Second, a crackdown on the hacking devices used to unlock and start cars which start with a fob. Third, improving scanning devices used to identify shipping containers which may contain the stolen cars. There was no mention of insurers refusing to insure certain vehicles, and no mention of requiring auto manufacturers to return to physical keys. Vehicles with start button ignitions, rather than key ignitions, are the easiest to steal.


Ottawa Police are seeking the public’s help in finding an alleged murderer in the January 29 shooting near Little Italy in Ottawa. Gibril Kakal of Edmonton, aged 29, is about six feet one inch tall, weighs about 190 pounds, is dark skinned, and has frizzy black hair. A photo is available on the CJRO website.


The City of Ottawa will be installing speed cameras in some rural areas, particularly near schools and in community safety zones. Orleans-South Navan Councillor Catherine Kitts toured Ottawa Police Chief Eric Stubbs on a tour of her ward, which includes Navan, last fall. The City is getting 25 new cameras of which about nine will be in rural east Ottawa.


Kitts also informed CJRO that the City is revamping the Community Partners Insurance Program. Previously only some already existing community organizations could be insured by the city and others would have to find and pay their own insurance, a task that is almost impossible for most small groups. Under the new criteria organizations must have a board of directors, a constitution or bylaw, hold an AGM and public meetings, existed for at least two years, be in good financial standing with the City, and give no support to candidates for elected office. The change will become effective in 2025.


The City has prepared another Solid Waste Master Plan survey for residents. The survey is open until March 7 and is at There will also be open houses on February 15, February 23, February 26, and March 4, and webinars on February 29 and March 6. Locally residents are very concerned that the aborted plan for a mega-landfill at Carlsbad Springs will be revived, and people living in CJRO’s coverage area will be the ones most negatively affected.


Russell Township has released a video of the planned recreation centre in Embrun. See it at or on


Bell Media has cut 4800 employees, mostly in News reporting. This makes outlets like CJRO more and more important to keep communities informed on what matters to them. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau lashed out at Bell, saying it was a “garbage decision” and that he was “pissed off.” He said, “This is the erosion not just of journalism, of quality local journalism at a time where people need it more than ever….it’s eroding our very democracy.” Recently Bell eliminated nine radio stations and in the last few years have bought and then closed down numerous small newspapers across the country. It is shutting down news on CTV and, as the owner of most major newspapers, has severely reduced content.

Carlsbad Springs children have until February 14, that’s this Wednesday, to submit a drawing of what they could see themselves doing at one of four local businesses. They are Putting Edge, LaserMaxx Laser Tag, 4 Wheels Roller Skating Center, or River Oak Ice Skating Trail. Send entries to

Next week, February 18-24, is Freedom to Read Week in Canada.


CJRO wants to report on the many newsworthy happenings in our area, so please send news ideas to by Monday mornings. Get the local news that matters to you anytime on, tune in to 107.7 or 107.9 FM, or listen to Reseau Unison on the Tune-In and Radio Player Canada apps. I’m Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO, last on the dial, first for local news.


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