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CJRO News January 8 to January 14, 2024

Hello, bonjour. Welcome to 2024 and to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from Embrun.

First, the new year has started off happy for St. Isidore resident Val Grenier, who won the World Cup giant slalom race on Saturday, January 6 at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. It is the same hill she won on last year. On Saturday her two-run time was one minute and fifty point five one seconds.  Grenier placed in the top 10 in all six World Cup giant slalom races this season.

Valerie Grenier at World Cup in Slovenia. Photo courtesy Alpine Canada

Boundary Road south of Highway 417 was the site of tactical training by the Ottawa Police Service in mid-December. Police, tactical unit, ambulance and coroner were there. Local residents had been concerned about possible criminal activity involving the old 417 Auto Parts building and the house beside it. Windows were shot out, the front door kicked in, and building materials were missing or strewn about at the former auto parts property. Constable Cailey Walker confirmed with CJRO that tactical training had taken place. Constable Walker said she understood the property was owned by the City of Ottawa. 

Firefighters were called to a home on Craig Street in Russell on New Year’s Eve. Fire Chief Brian McBain said no one was injured in the single family dwelling and the fire was quickly brought under control. The damage is still being evaluated, and the investigation is ongoing. 

There has been a rash of stolen vehicles in the area over the last couple of months including Christmas holidays. A quick check of the Embrun Concerned Citizens Facebook Page showed that two months ago in Orleans an SUV was stolen and weeks later its air tag pinged in Cote d’Ivoire, Africa. A Rav4 was stolen in Forest Park in mid-December, and OPP caught the thieves near Hawkesbury. A Honda CRV stolen in late December from was found in the Canadian Tire lot in Casselman where the three suspects were charging a Tesla. They took off but were caught with a spike belt. A Dodge Ram was stolen from Lachaine Street recently, as well as a Rav4 from Du Boise in early January. In that case the vehicle was pulled over in Quebec and the driver fled on foot. Police said, “He wasn’t very fast,” and they were able to catch him. For information on making vehicles less likely to be stolen visit the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website.

A rural summit will be held this year for rural Ottawans. It is the first one since 2008. Two Ward 20 residents, Chris Nooyen of Brabantdale Farms and Matt Nesrallah are part of the working group. Rural residents will be able to attend summits across the City. Ottawa Councillor Clarke Kelly of West Carleton-March Ward brought forward the motion. About 80 per cent of Ottawa is farmland, villages and forests outside of the urban and suburban boundaries. For more on the initiative listen to my interview with Councillor George Darouze on Local First. 

Russell County OPP said on December 8 it received a report of identity theft. The fraudster posed as a support employee for the victim’s online platform and said she had to update her banking information. The fraudster instructed the victim to provide all her banking information via a QR Code link leading her to a secondary messaging platform where she was given further instructions, resulting in the victim losing over $2,500.

According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), fraudsters use QR codes in various scams to steal personal information and/or money.  QR codes can be inserted into emails and texts to direct potential victims to fraudulent or malicious websites. Frauds include phishing, buying online with fake QR codes, and fake crypto currency addresses in QR codes. The OPP suggests being cautious of unsolicited text messages, emails and social media messages asking you to scan a QR code, and never scan a code to receive payment.

Outdoor rinks are finally ready for skating as winter temperatures hit the region, but lakes, rivers and ponds are still unsafe for walking, skating or ice-fishing.

CJRO wants to report on the many newsworthy happenings in our area, so please send news ideas to by Monday mornings. Get the local news that matters to you anytime on, tune in to 107.7 or 107.9 FM, or listen on the Tune-In and Radio Player Canada apps. I’m Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO, last on the dial, first for local news.

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