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CJRO News July 12 to July 18, 2021

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from North Russell.

There was no news last week due to holidays, but we are proud to announce that the transmitter in Embrun seems to be functioning well. Since June 24th we have had the same content coming from the transmitters in Carlsbad Springs and Embrun at 107.7 FM and Vars at 107.9 FM, so tell your friends and neighbours to tune in. You can also listen to news or podcasts any time at

Shopper’s Drug Marts in Ontario and Alberta are providing Covid testing for people without symptoms for the comparatively low price of $40. The rapid tests from Abbott Panbio will be processed immediately at the pharmacy and clients will given results in writing. Rapid, easily available testing has been requested since early in the pandemic but has not been taken up widely in Ontario, even though about 80 per cent of tests provided by federal government to the province have not been used. These tests are less reliable than PCR tests analyzed in labs, but could still have an important role to play in reopening. Anyone with symptoms can be tested at government test sites for free.

There are now many ways to receive vaccines for almost anyone age 12 or older. You can book through the provincial booking system, directly with a pharmacy, at new walk-in clinics, or get on the daily wait list. That wait list resets at midnight every night so needs to be reapplied for the next day if you didn’t get a shot. Visit or for more information.

Covid infection rates are dropping off, with almost no new cases reported in the Eastern Ontario Health Unit since July 1st, and numbers consistently near or below 200 cases in Ottawa. Although that is encouraging, for context, these numbers are similar to those recorded in late March 2020, when everything shut down, so don’t put aside caution yet. With restrictions loosening be aware that what you are allowed to do and what is completely safe to do may not be the same.

We have more surprising, and some residents say sneaky, development news in eastern Ottawa. City Hall is considering extending Brian Coburn Boulevard in Orleans across a section of the Mer Bleue Bog, an internationally recognized wetland of significance.

The last public consultation was in 2019 and suddenly this has popped up again. Residents only have until THIS FRIDAY, July 16th, to comment. The City’s official website said that allowing from June 28 to July 16 gives plenty of time for comments. However, as any activists on any subject will tell you, posting something before a long weekend in the summer and having response dates in July may be legal but it’s not acceptable, and having this happen in a pandemic compounds the problem. We at CJRO found out through the Ottawa Field Naturalists Club which posted the information on their website. There seems to have been little, if any, consideration by the City of the effect a six-lane highway going through the edge of the bog and bisecting one of the few remaining intact habitats in Eastern Ontario would have. The bog and the buffering lands nearby are considered critical to climate change mitigation. For more information go to and scroll down to recent blog posts. I have requested an interview with City staff, with the Ottawa Field Naturalists and with Ramsar itself, so there should be more news soon.

Thunder Road will be closed due to construction next weekend, from the 16th to the 19th of July, between Hall Road and Farmers’ Way in Carlsbad Springs.

A virtual fundraiser will be open from July 5th to September 5th 2021 via GoFundMe to help build Jonathan Pitre Park in the Township of Russell. The fundraiser’s goal is $100,000. The Township project is estimated at $292,000 for the fully-accessible park which will be near the Sports Dome at the western edge of Embrun. To donate go to and follow the links.

Russell Kin Club’s Catch the Ace lottery only has three cards left to be drawn. The jackpot is now estimated to be almost $650,000, with a weekly prize of $40,000. To buy tickets go to or pick them up at retailers listed on the website.

United Way East Ontario and the United Counties of Prescott and Russell recently announced a grant program focusing on local initiatives aimed at enhancing social connections, inclusion and safety, and at removing barriers to healthy nutrition; transportation, and mental and physical wellness. Grants are open to individuals, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, co-ops, municipalities, hospitals and schools. There are three funding levels: $4,000, $15,000 and $30,000. The deadline to apply is August 11th and all projects must be completed by December 31st. Information is available on the Prescott-Russell Volunteers website ( or by calling 613-632-0939, extension 125.

Despite the rain received in June, South Nation Conservation’s Water Response Team upheld a Level 1 Low Water Condition for its entire watershed. SNC said precipitation over the past three months was at least 80 per cent below normal.

While in Level 1 status, residents and businesses should reduce their water consumption by 10 per cent. Water consumption can be reduced by following water conservation practices. Repair all leaks around the home. If you must water do it in early morning or late evening which reduces evaporation. Use a pail of soapy water to wash your car and rinse it off quickly. Use a rain barrel for watering plants. If you run the tap save the excess water for plants. Level 1 indicates a potential for a water supply problem if current trends persist.

CJRO is looking for a sales representative to help us gain more community business partners. The position is commission-based and will be reviewed in the second year. If you are interested in earning money and helping support the station so we can continue to spread news and interviews of local importance please contact

Do you have news that matters to our area? Do you have a local business? We are eager to hear from all our local business owners and I’d like to interview you. Contact me by emailing

I’m Candice Vetter. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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