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CJRO News June 21 to June 27, 2021

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on Carlsbad-Vars Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from North Russell.

As reported in Le Reflet-The News, a local writer who is only 10 years old has had her story, “A Mermaid Lives Her Dreams”, published in an anthology called To Grow a Writer 2020. The book can be ordered online.

Jessie Anderson’s story was one of 23 winning entries in a contest launched last year by the Ottawa Police Blues FC and Baico Publishing Ltd. The contest was launched to help youth stay focused, positive and creative, during this time, said Sgt. Devon Archer.

According to Le Reflet, Anderson is working on another mermaid story, has also written songs, studies singing in Ottawa and has performed at the Shenkman Arts Centre. Persons aged eight to 16 can submit stories for the 2021 contest. For more information go to

Health Canada is proposing regulations reducing the flavours allowed in vaping products. Only mint/menthol and tobacco flavours will be allowed. The purpose is to get rid of the candy, fruit and gum flavours which are attractive to young people. Since tobacco is so strictly regulated and vape products usually include high levels of nicotine, it has been a question why vape products were allowed to be flavoured in the first place. Vaping can produce nicotine addiction which often leads to smoking. Health advocates have long asked the government to outlaw these flavours, and some flavourings have directly caused serious lung illnesses. Vaping is considered a tool to help with reducing smoking, but that is its only recommended use.

G1 or G2 driving tests are now available at DriveTest centres in Ontario. Individuals must make appointments, wear face masks inside the centres and during the road tests, sanitize their hands, complete the screening and give results before being admitted to a DriveTest centre. Because of the backlog the province has hired 167 more instructors to get caught up.

This week Ontarians who received their first Covid vaccination before May 9th can book a second vaccine appointment through the provincial booking system and call centre, or directly through public health units that use their own booking system. You can also call individual pharmacies to see if they have appointments available. But please cancel later appointments. Changes from the provincial booking system to individual pharmacies do not necessarily cancel future appointments.

Russell Kin Club’s Catch the Ace lottery is still growing. The estimated jackpot is now $463,000 with a weekly prize of $30,000. There are six envelopes remaining. To buy tickets go to or pick them up at participating retailers.

Finally, listen to us over the air in Russell Township. The new transmitter in Embrun is up and running. Until June 24th we will be test broadcasting a music loop, but after that the three transmitters, one in Carlsbad Springs, one in Vars, and the new one will all be playing the same programming. Some rural locations between Embrun and Carlsbad Springs may need directional antennas but so far I’ve been able to pick it up in my car where I’ve travelled in the general area. If you notice any interference we would appreciate hearing when and where. Just drop us an email.

Do you have news that matters to our area? Do you have a local business? We are eager to hear from all our local business owners and I’d like to interview you. Contact me by emailing

I’m Candice Vetter. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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