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CJRO News: June 3 to June 9, 2024

Hello bonjour and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I'm Candice Vetter reporting from Embrun.

Newly appointed Russell Township Mayor Mike Tarnowski was sworn in at the council meeting on May 27. The earlier part of the meeting was chaired by Alternate Mayor Jamie Laurin. Now it is up to the council to decide whether to appoint a new councillor to replace Tarnowski or to hold a by-election. Council will discuss the options at the June 24 Regular Council Meeting.

His first act as mayor was to present the township’s Resident Recognition Award to Daniel St. Pierre and Lynne Perras. Both assisted the children in the transport truck and school bus accident which happened south of Russell on April 22. Perras, who is a specialized educator, ran to the bus to assess the situation and comforted the children. St. Pierre, who was standing in his driveway 20 feet from where the bus stopped, safely escorted the children onto his property.

Lynne Perras, Daniel St. Pierre and Mayor Tarnowski. Photo Candice Vetter

At the May 13 council meeting student Rory Renwick had also received a Citizen’s Recognition Award for her brave actions at the crash.

The Russell Township pride flag rising at the Township Hall in Embrun, will have some new additions. The Saturday June 8 ceremony will include speakers, performances, community art, information and a picnic lunch which will be provided by the township.

Russell resident Connie Johnson and collaborator Jennifer Pershick are launching their book, Voices of Our Town, on June 15 at the Russell Arena. The 650-page book chronicles stories and anecdotes about long-time residents, including many who are now gone. Listen to the interview with Johnston and Pershick on Local First.

The pathways at Alcide Trudeau Park in Vars were in need of rehabilitation, says Osgoode Ward Councillor George Darouze, and construction on the pathways is beginning this week. The work is expected to take about three weeks, and will be completed in stages, so some areas will still be available for use.


Darouze also clarified the City of Ottawa’s new garbage limits.  He said residents will be allowed up to three items at the curb every two weeks, not including containers of recyclables. The three items can be three bins of 140 litres each, three garbage bags of any size, or a combination of two bins or bags along with a large garbage item. He said “You can place as many bags as you can fit into a 140 litre bin, so long as it does not weigh over 33 pounds.” The change starts at the end of September.

CJRO wants to report on the local news that matters, so send news ideas, issues and comments to by Monday mornings. Listen to the news and Local First on anytime or on the Tune In or Radio Player Canada apps, or at I'm Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO, last on the dial and first for local news.

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