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I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from my home office in North Russell.

First off, many residents of Carlsbad Springs noticed smoke and fire trucks on the afternoon of Thursday, May 14. It turned out that a large brush and grass fire had started at the back of the Carlsbad Paving yard at the end of Leitrim Road. CJRO News spoke to Yves Provost, owner of Carlsbad Paving, who said no one was hurt, there was no damage, and the fire was put out in about an hour. Ottawa Fire Services said the fire was superficial and on about 16 hectares, or 40 acres.

The City Planning Committee and the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee met on May 11 and 12 regarding City staff’s recommendation to expand the urban boundary by about 1620 hectares, which is about 4000 acres. The meeting was scheduled to last only one day, but over 100 public delegations presented their concerns with the new Official Plan. And the meeting still isn’t finished. It will resume May 19.

The Federation of Community Associations of Ottawa, which has over 140 community associations, plus other groups, as members, has extensive information about the plan on its website. Read up on the issues at It seems almost all community groups in the city are opposed to expanding the urban boundary. They cite loss of greenspace, loss of farmland, incorrect projections, timing during a pandemic, and opinions that growth can be achieved through intensification, if it is done right. Done right seems to be the biggest qualifier and many argue that Ottawa’s current methods of zoning for development are not viable or desirable for the future. The FCA also expressed surprise that builders and developers’ concerns had been added to the agenda without prior notification.

City Council votes on May 27 and is expected to favour expanding the urban and suburban City into the rural outskirts. Without proper representation in Cumberland Ward, our listeners can contact Councillor George Darouze if they have concerns or opinions about the process. Email Darouze at, see, or go to and click on the link to the new official plan.

As reported last week, Navan Women Inspired and the Navan Community Association are inviting residents to put colourful flowers or vegetables at the edge of their property, to honour frontline workers, beautify Navan and to say thank you.

Now Country Moments Spa & Wellness Centre, and Navan Jodale Property Maintenance, will provide free soil if you want to participate. Says spa owner Amanda Watson, “We will donate as much as we can, but it will be on a first come first served basis.”

If you want some send an email to They will come out on May 30 to deliver the soil.

To register your display, send your name and address to Volunteers will visit the displays to take photos on July 30 and 31.

Farm market growers take note. Vendor registration for the region’s first Virtual Farmers Market opens Tuesday, May 19. Register at

With the unloosening of restrictions on workplaces, many employees are justifiably concerned about workplace safety. However, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canadians can refuse work in an unsafe environment, and could still get the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

"No Canadian worker at any time should feel obliged to go to work in unsafe conditions," she said when asked during Question Period on May 12.

Governments are expecting workplace investigations to be requested by employees in many industries.

In Ontario a list of recommendations for businesses reopening is available at, then click on latest updates about COVID-19, and scroll down to reopening our businesses, services and public spaces.

CJRO is looking for a part time IT technician. It is a volunteer position for now, but station founder Denis Labreche is hoping to find funding for a part time position.

The Russell Kin Club has been asked to assist with getting letters of support, thanks and congratulations to Sgt. Erin Carter, a member of the 33 Service Battalion in Ottawa.

Carter is a resident of Russell. She has been deployed to South Sudan for the next six months where she is a quartermaster for the Canadian contingent.

The Kin Club is asking residents to write something for her on its Facebook page, or to write a letter and email it to The club will print and send her the messages.

Area residents might be surprised to find out that former MPP Glenn Murray is seeking the leadership of the Green Party. Murray was the Minister of Environment in the Ontario government who approved the proposed Taggart Miller landfill in Carlsbad Springs, which would allow the habitat loss of a forested wetland and loss of farmland.

Murray discounted residents’ and their experts’ concerns, to approve the long-controversial and unwanted project in 2019. He approved several other disputed projects with negative environmental consequences, then he quit and took a job at the Pembina Institute in Calgary, which he left a year later.

Other federal Green Party candidates are Amita Kuttner, David Merner, Annamie Paul, Judy Green, Dimitri Lascaris, Dylan Perceval-Maxwell, Alex Tyrrell, and Andrew West, who also ran against Stephen Blais in the recent provincial by-election.

The City of Ottawa’s Household Hazardous Waste Day scheduled for Sunday, May 31 has been cancelled until further notice.

In Russell Township, Hazardous Waste Day has been postponed to Saturday, October 17.

And just a reminder, Foubert Road is closed and Farmers Way is closed between the two Piperville Road intersections. Construction there is estimated to end around October 30.

Do you have news that matters to our area? Have you found a life hack to help deal with COVID-19? If yes, contact me by emailing

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