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CJRO News May 24 to May 30, 2021

Happy Victoria Day and May Long!

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on Carlsbad-Vars Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from North Russell.

This week Ontarians who are aged 12 and over can book a Pfizer-Biontech vaccine appointment through the provincial booking system and call centre, or directly through public health units that use their own booking system.

There are also some appointments available at those pharmacies offering Pfizer-Biontech. It is the only vaccine currently approved for use by Health Canada in under-eighteens.

Unlike previous age ranges, youth must be age 12 or older at the time they book.

This is one week earlier than originally scheduled. Health authorities are also urging teens’ unvaccinated family members to book too, in order to enhance their households’ protection.

Now essentially all Ontario residents age 12 or older can make appointments.

There will also be dedicated clinic times for youth during the weeks of June 14th and 21st .

These changes came due to many doctors and epidemiologists in public health asking that barriers to vaccinations be removed. The Ontario government’s media release said over 2,400 pharmacies will be offering Pfizer or Moderna within a week, improving availability across the province.

Access from Notre Dame to the main shopping area in Embrun’s west end is reduced due to construction. When I was there last week entrances were blocked all the way from Benson’s Auto Parts to the CIBC and I had to go in via Industrial near the Township Office. A McDonald’s is being built across the street from the Liquor Store and the whole parking area is being changed.

South Nation Conservation has re-opened public boat launches, river access points and select Conservation Areas, with certain COVID-19 precautions in place.

Play structures are open, but washrooms will remain closed during the Stay-at-Home Order.

SNC reminds the public not to fish within 23 metres of a dam and not to fish near dams or use water control structures to access rivers. Fish need these areas to pass over dams and access fish ladders, so fishing there prevents spawning.

See for a list of South Nation Conservation areas and municipal partner sites.

Speaking of boat launches, this is Safe Boating Awareness Week and the OPP urge Ontarians to avoid taking the same risks that cost 32 lives in 2020 – a 12-year high. Police said the majority of deaths had similar double setbacks. The first setback was ending up in the water because their vessel capsized or they fell overboard. The second setback was the absence of a properly fitted lifejacket. These are designed to keep boaters and paddlers afloat, and helps turn them onto their backs, so they can breathe if they are unconscious.

Half the deaths were of paddlers who were in canoes, kayaks and other vessels like paddle boards.

For a safe summer on the water, always:

  • Wear a Canadian-approved lifejacket or personal floatation device (PFD)

  • Check the weather conditions and forecast (paddlers should always stick close to shore)

  • Boat or paddle sober and drug-free

  • Tell people where you are going

  • Be cold water aware

  • Be mindful of your vessel's capabilities when deciding where to go boating, and

  • Take a boating course

Little Ray's Nature Centres owner Paul Goulet is very concerned about the level of debt the business has gone into since the pandemic started.

Little Ray’s is the largest exotic animal rescue agency in Canada, taking in animals that have been seized or surrendered, and which other animal rescue agencies can’t handle. It started with reptiles and amphibians on south Bank Street over 25 years ago, and has since added other exotic animals as they came in.

Goulet has had to borrow 1.5 million dollars and the new, expanded facility in Sarsfield opened just before the pandemic hit. He says his expenses cannot be reduced, as he and the staff are caring for living creatures, most of which have nowhere else they could be taken. A Go Fund Me appeal is still ongoing and the Little Ray’s website is also accepting donations directly.

For more about the financial situation of the nature centre listen to my interview with Paul Goulet on Local First this week.

Seven communities within Cumberland Ward are eligible to receive a share of the Cash-in-lieu-of-parkland deal Amazon made with the City of Ottawa when building the distribution centre on Boundary Road. Amazon paid about $212,000 dollars several years ago for permission not to include park or natural spaces. Of those funds 60 per cent was to be distributed among local communities and 40 per cent to the City in general. These funds have not been paid out to the communities and their leaders are asking why.

If divided in seven equal parts over $18,000 would go to each community for community enhancement. I hope to get an interview with Councillor Catherine Kitts on this subject within the next week or two.

CJRO Radio is looking for a Francophone reporter for about ten hours of work per week—a perfect job for someone who wants a long-term, part-time position. To apply send a resume to

Do you have news that matters to our area? Are you a health care worker or advocate? Do you have a local business? If yes, I’d like to interview you. Contact me by emailing

I’m Candice Vetter. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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