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CJRO News May 4 - 10

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I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from my home office in North Russell.

There is lots of news again this week, so I’ve put the news regarding new Government of Ontario initiatives into Local First. There is enough for the whole episode of COVID Coping, including financial information for business owners, tax changes, rule changes regarding business openings, help for those who need it, and the province has put out a call asking the public for help in some critical areas. So be sure to tune in.

In other news, the item of most urgency this week is the Ottawa City planning committee and rural affairs committee meeting on Monday, May 11. The city’s planning department staff report recommended building more suburbs on 1,650 hectares, or over 4000 acres, of undeveloped lands. The committees will vote on whether to recommend this action to Council.

City Council is then set to vote on May 27, and the decision will be final. Unfortunately for residents of Cumberland Ward, they do not have Council representation, so it is up to residents to make their opinions known directly to Mayor Jim Watson.

Another way to have an impact is to sign the petition at by Thursday, May 7. Click on Act Now then Action Alerts. Residents can also join Ecology Ottawa’s online rally this Friday, May 8, from noon to 1 p.m. to express their concerns. The petition will be presented to Council at the rally.

Dr. Dianne Saxe, former Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, and highly respected environmental and land use lawyer, will be the special guest, along with other community leaders. So that’s Friday, May 8, at noon.

CJRO News reached out to Amazon with a few questions about the Boundary Road fulfillment centre. At this busy time no one was available for a phone interview, but spokesperson Andrew Gouveia supplied answers by email.

Since March 16 Amazon has hired over 700 employees in Ontario, and plans to hire 1,400 more. People who have lost work in hospitality, restaurants or travel sectors are being encouraged to join the company until past employers can bring them back to work. Amazon has added $2 per hour to the current pay rate of $17 per hour, and it has increased benefits and paid time off.

Gouveia said Amazon is supporting the person at the Boundary Road centre who’d had COVID-19 and is taking “extreme measures” to ensure the safety of employees there. This includes following health authorities’ advice, increased cleaning, physical distancing in the centre, and distancing between drivers and customers.

In addition any Amazon employees with COVID-19 or placed into quarantine receive up to two weeks of pay, in order to give employees time to get well without worrying about loss of pay.

The City of Ottawa has started asphalt resurfacing on Foubert Road and Farmers Way last week. Foubert is completely closed and Farmers Way is closed between the two Piperville Road intersections. The work will end October 30.

Piperville Road will also be closed between Farmers Way and Russell, starting in July, when the bridge culvert is replaced. The work is expected to end in December.

The Orleans Urgent Care Clinic is asking for help. Its patient volume has declined by two-thirds, creating concern about the survival of the clinic. MPP Stephen Blais is promoting a petition urging the Provincial Government to find an economic solution so the clinic remains open for this community. The clinic provides numerous services that would otherwise require trips to Emergency, so its loss would have a serious negative impact on residents here. The petition can be found by searching orleans care.

In a not unexpected announcement the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society cancelled the 2020 Navan Fair. Ag Society President Luc Bergeron thanked fairgoers, exhibitors, vendors, volunteers and everyone else who has supported the fair over the past 74 years. He asked that as the economy starts to re-open, they support the local businesses who support the fair. He said, “We have counted on them in the past, they are now counting on us!”

The Ag Society website and social media have plans and various projects that the group is working on. If you'd like to get involved email or call 613-835-2766.

There’s a creepy new scam out there. Using very aggressive language, it claims to have all your contacts and information and to have seen you either watching pornography or participating in sex, whether recorded or not. The scam email says the writer will post video clips on adult porn sites and will send it to everyone you know. Of course, if you send them bitcoins they will stop the threat, they say. This is a total scam. One reason it works is that people think they may have seen or done something that could get them in trouble, whether they actually have or not. Don’t worry, and do not send them money! They didn’t see you, and it’s all a lie.

Here's another scam. It claims someone has filed a complaint against your business or organization with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. Do not open it or click on any links. If a real complaint has been filed you can check that by calling Consumer Protection Ontario at 1-800-889-9768. And you can call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre at 1-888-495-8501 to report the fraudulent email.

Do you ever want to hear a friendly voice? A new program from Rural Ottawa South Support Services, called A Friendly Voice, can help. The program is a free telephone line for seniors across Ontario to call whenever they are feeling lonely or isolated. It’s a Trillium funded initiative that began in Ottawa a little over a year ago. It’s been so successful it has expanded to serve all of Ontario. Due to COVID-19, the risk of isolation and loneliness in seniors is heightened. For more information see or call 613-692-4697 ext. 236.

Although Ottawa Public Library branches are closed due to COVID-19, there are still many ways to connect with your library. The library offers online digital resources, ebooks, magazines and newspapers, streaming music, videos, audio books, and encyclopedias.

Contact the library’s InfoService by calling 613-580-2490 or through

The Isolation Recreation section offers relevant content and there are live events such as Online Storytimes, Online Babytimes, Online Poetry Slam!, The Festival of Literary Diversity and more.

The library is also asking patrons to contact staff if you think of any way the library can help. It could be assisting people with getting the library resources they need, providing a service to a group, developing new programming, or innovative ways to make current programming accessible to more residents.

The Orleans Cumberland Community Resource Centre is also here to help. Call 613 830 4357 to help get help with food, counselling and other services you need to stay in your home. Also the Eastern Ontario Resource Centre is available to help with medications, groceries, and transportation to appointments. Call 613 741 6025 ext. 300.

Another resource is Chatting to Wellness. It too is launching free chatting sessions for seniors across Canada to combat some of that COVID-19 loneliness and isolation. Local university students are available by phone every weekday evening to chat with seniors. The conversations, led by the senior, are entirely free and are for 45 minutes. Calls are scheduled between 6 pm - 9 pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Seniors can esign up directly, or have a family member sign up for a call on their behalf at

Ottawa Public Health has launched a new Facebook page for residents 55+ and their caregivers. Aging Well in Ottawa is monitored by OPH staff Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It provides credible information and resources on healthy aging topics such as nutrition, physical activity, mental health and more.

Locally, Don Phillipson is looking for outdoor help to pressure wash, sand and restain a deck. If you’re interested call him at 613-822-0734.

Now that motorcycle season is here again I thought I’d mention something I heard last fall, by Dr. Peter Chapman, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nottingham in England. He devised a campaign to save road deaths, which is See Bike Say Bike. He found that it is very easy for our brains to forget seeing small objects while we’re driving. They don’t command enough of our attention. So he suggests that if you see a motorcycle or a bicycle you say, “Bike,” out loud. This helps your brain remember that small object is there. It also works for pedestrians. He predicts his simple campaign could prevent dozens of deaths each year.

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