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CJRO News November 1 to November 7, 2021

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from Embrun.

Late last month the City of Ottawa Council voted 15-8 against a motion to remove the Tewin development proposed by the Algonquins of Ontario and the Taggart family from the urban expansion of Ottawa. This means the 445-hectare Tewin area is now within the expanded urban boundary. The proponents plan to build housing for 45,000 people, meaning adding 15,000 homes between Anderson, Leitrim and Thunder Roads. The proponents claim the affected communities, such as Carlsbad Springs, will be consulted about the Tewin Project. So far they have not said if media will be allowed in the meetings.

Residents in the area of Thunder Road, between Farmers Way and Boundary Road, may notice workers from Telecon and Rogers Communications installing high speed fibre-optic internet lines in the next two weeks. This is part of the Fibre to the Home Project in Carlsbad Springs. Rogers expects to receive the municipal consent letters this week.

The new Piperville Bridge is completely installed and Piperville Road reopened on October 28th.

Russell Township has voted for 2.5 per cent property tax increase in 2022. At the beginning of budget deliberations the tax increase was projected to be 1.2 per cent. Council added another 1.3 per cent to increase road improvements, sidewalks and tree planting. One per cent of that increase is earmarked for the proposed recreational complex.

The opening of the new McDonald’s restaurant in Embrun, specifically the drive-through, has already rankled residents. The combination of lights for drivers turning left into the Co-op Independent parking lot, followed a couple of car-lengths later by the left turn into the McDonald’s drive-through is a mass of vehicles with nowhere to go, due to drivers getting into and trying to get out of the drive-through.

MPP Stephen Blais has proposed Bill 26 which would re-upload Highway 174 and County Road 17 to the provincial government, instead of the City of Ottawa. Since amalgamation, which was forced on the City by the Province by then-Premier Mike Harris, Ottawa has spent more than $42 million on Highway 174. Blais said, “These roads serve as large inter-city highways with tens of thousands of commuters each and every day. This type of infrastructure is outside the scope of municipalities and should be the responsibility of the provincial government.” He also noted that in the last 25 years the provincial government has invested heavily in west Ottawa highways.

Russell Library users 18 years and older can now borrow and bring home an iPad or iPad kit (which includes access to a Wi-fi hotspot) for one week. All you need to enjoy this new service is a library card. The five iPads are available for loan on a first come, first serve basis, no reservations. Call 613-445-5331 or email to inquire. *This service is made possible by a grant from New Horizons for Seniors, by Employment and Social Development Canada.

And yes, we just had Hallowe’en but Christmas Market season is upon us. The Original Navan Market is hosting its last event of the year on Sunday, November 14th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Navan Fairgrounds on Colonial Road, with 170 vendors. The two Metcalfe Christmas Farmers Markets will be held Saturday, November 13th and Saturday, December 18th, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. But they will both take place in the village of Greely at 1448 Meadow Drive.

As of this week, no overnight street parking is allowed in Russell Township. The winter parking restriction will last until April 1st. Vehicles cannot be parked on the street between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., regardless of weather. Full parking regulations can be seen at

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Do you have news that matters to our area? Do you have photos you’d like to share? Email us at Tune in to Local First for interviews regarding local news, and follow us on Facebook. I’m Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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