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CJRO News September 13 to September 19, 2021

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I’m Candice Vetter, reporting from Embrun.

The area just south of Anderson Links golf course is being proposed as the first area in the controversial “Tewin Lands” project to become a residential urban area. The farmland loss and habitat destruction there would be larger than in the sprawling Findlay Creek development to the west. The former Patterson property, several other properties, and former NCC property are part of the huge speculative purchase by the Algonquins of Ontario, which was financed by Ottawa developers, the Taggarts.

The new Schedule showing the revised boundaries for the Tewin Development has been issued. It is on the last page of a very large document and is Schedule C17. Also, Schedule C11-C, showing the Natural Heritage System overlay, is of interest.

You can read the story by Denis Labreche and get the link at

(The link is

Covid numbers are climbing again. Ontario is staying in Step 3 of its reopening plan with plans to stay there until the cases decline. The provincial government’s science table says vaccination numbers have to be higher and most people must reduce contacts to avoid an autumn lockdown.

The message is brought home by news that a protestor with an active case of Covid attended the protest in front of the Cornwall Community Hospital less than two weeks ago and exposed numerous, mostly unvaccinated and unmasked, participants to the disease. Attendees at the Shawville Fair the same weekend were informed last week that two confirmed cases were in performers on the entertainment stage, including Algonquin Anishnabeg Nation Tribal Council Grand Chief, John Boudrias, who has since died of Covid, and everyone who was on the stage is advised to get tested.

If visiting Quebec, attendance at public events, bars, restaurants and gyms will require paper proof of vaccination and I.D. for anyone 13 or older.

Don’t forget if you have electronics or metal that can be recycled, this is your opportunity to get rid of them, not have those valuable resources “go to waste.” The Carlsbad Springs Optimist Club is organizing a Recycling and Bottle drive. The recycling drive will take place rain or shine, on Saturday, September 18th from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Carlsbad Springs Community Centre at 6020 Piperville Road. To volunteer call Lucie Régimbald at 613-821-3431.

The annual drive was begun about eight years ago as an appropriate way to raise funds for the Dump This Dump 2 campaign. Since then the Optimist Club has continued it and uses funds raised for its children’s programming. Besides bottles and cans the drive will also accept vehicle batteries, radiators and alternators; aluminum (including aluminum cans); brass, copper and steel; stereos, speakers, televisions, cell phones, and computers. It will not accept paper, plastic or wood.

This year’s Terry Fox Run is again doing the One Day, Your Way format. Organizers will be on the fitness trail at the parking lot beside Mother Teresa between 9 a.m. and noon this Sunday, September 18th . There is no gathering but people can still walk, run, bike, rollerblade or wheel down the trail. The Fire Department will be out and Township By-law staff will be biking the trail.

In Russell Township, a hazardous waste disposal event is happening at 857 Route 400, on October 15th and October 16th. The last time Russell had this event there ended up being long delays, so this fall it is being spaced over two days. The Township also recently announced a few $200 grants are still available this year for washable diapers.

Also in Russell, be reminded you can connect to live broadcasts of Council and committees. This week the Accessibility Advisory Committee meets Wednesday, September 15th at 6:30 p.m. and the Public Library Board’s meeting is Thursday, September 16th, at 6:30 p.m.

Residents of Eastern Ontario are invited to the Eco East virtual Annual General Meeting on Monday, September 27th at 7 p.m. Eco East is seeking board members and volunteers. For more information email

If you are like me and have explored local conservation areas throughout the pandemic, there is a brand new one to visit. Mill Run Conservation Area is a nine-acre property north of Prescott on McCrea Road. The land was recently donated by Augusta Township to South Nation Conservation and work partly funded by the Federal Government. Next year additional work will be funded by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Amazon is hiring thousands of new workers across Canada this fall, and is raising the starting wage for front-line employees from about $16 an hour to between $17 and $21.65 an hour. Existing employees will receive equivalent raises, and employees with proof of double vaccination will also get a $100 bonus.

Finally, voting day in Canada is next Monday and the results are anyone’s guess, but no doubt everyone will be glad to have campaigning over for a little while. You have this week to mail in votes if you have received your mail-in ballot.

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I’m Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO – Last on the dial, first for local news. Keep well.

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