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CJRO News Feb 3 2020

Updated: Feb 9

First in the news. Many residents in or near Carlsbad Springs, Ramsayville, and Edwards, have filled out applications showing interest in receiving natural gas. Enbridge Gas sent out these applications, and met with potential gas consumers in Russell, in November. However, the company recently said there was concern that the idea had been miscommunicated.

In a media release the company said that some potential customers may have received a call indicating Enbridge would not process their applications. Enbridge said, "There was a misunderstanding internally... Enbridge's customer connections department requires there to be a natural gas pipeline, already installed, before a customer connection request can be processed, and activated, in the system.” The company also said, the construction timeline for the Boundary Road Pipeline Project is not scheduled to start until 2021. It also needs to receive regulatory approval first. So Enbridge’s customer connections department cannot activate these applications until after the installation of a gas pipe. 

Enbridge has apologized for this miscommunication, and said the communication process has been corrected. The company has undertaken a high level study to determine the estimated costs of bringing natural gas to our area.  Late last year the Government of Ontario announced it is continuing to expand access to natural gas to rural, northern and indigenous communities.   The Natural Gas Expansion Program will allocate about $130 million dollars to new natural gas expansion projects, over three years.   Enbridge has earmarked our community to be included in phase two of the Provincial program. The company said it cannot commit that Carlsbad Springs and surrounding area will be accepted for funding, by the province, but can ensure that each Municipality, that expresses interest, is given consideration. Further information will be available later this year.

For students living within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa, the city started its Summer Employment Recruitment on February 3. So get those resumes in.

For more information, including eligibility criteria, go to Ottawa dot ca, click on jobs, and click on summer employment.

This weekend is a busy one in Vars. The monthly Optimist Club supper is Friday, February 7 at 5:30 p.m. at the St-Guillaume school gym.

And on Saturday, February 8, the Optimists are hosting a Trivia Night, at 7:30 p.m. also in the school gym. There is a cash bar and doors open at 6 p.m. To register to play, contact , that’s v a r s o p t I m I s t e, at or call 613-889-4771, that’s 613 889 4771.

More information about the Optimist Club is available at .

Also at the school, earlier this week South Nation Conservation met with the public to share findings about the flood plain associated with Shaw’s Creek.

In order to direct development, SNC, and other local conservation authorities, identify where flood and erosion-prone areas are located, including floodplain mapping. SNC and municipalities use this mapping when reviewing development applications.

With a combination of field work and computer modelling of land use, topography, and precipitation dat , technicians then use the data, to build a computer model that calculates flows during storm events. The standard of protection is to the 1 in 100 year flood event. This is the event that has a one per cent chance of occurring in any year.

The mapping has now been completed and the results will be on the SNC website after all communities have had their open houses, later this spring. Then residents will be able to check and see if their property is affected.

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