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Devastating news at the Rochon Gardens Farm in Edwards

3 days of cold nights this past week affecting many farmers and home gardens.

Source: Rochon Garden | Facebook

This morning looked promising in the strawberry field. A quick look gave us the impression that most of our crop was saved. Unfortunately, only the edges of the fields were saved. After walking through all the fields, we quickly realized that it didn’t look good. We lost over 80% of our strawberry crops.

4 straight nights of watering with not much sleep just wasn’t enough. The small blooms have mostly turned black.

This means there will not be much strawberries to harvest next month. This is devastating for our family farm as strawberries are our main breadwinner. This will put a financial burden on us like we’ve never seen before. I’m at a loss for words. It’s heartbreaking.

Thank you everyone for the words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers. As Jon said, we're truly devastated this morning as a dark cloud hangs over the farm. We keep our heads held high as the hard work continues on the farm. More info on the farm:

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