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Elections Canada - student voting

Media - Elections Canada Wed, Sep 1, 10:27 AM (5 days ago)

Students can apply to vote by mail up to September 14. Elections Canada is committed to offering the Vote on Campus program in the next general election. it was a pilot project in 2015, we expanded it in 2019 and had hoped to be able to offer it in this general election. However, it takes time to plan the program and requires support from campus administrators who have to set aside space and provide staff. It is difficult to plan the program when the date for the election is not known (when a snap election might be called). Elections Canada is an independent agency. It is governed by the Canada Elections Act. Any changes to it must be approved by Parliament. Students still have a range of options for voting, which we have detailed here: I hope this answers your questions and allows you to provide the information you were looking for. Diane Benson Media Relations, Elections Canada

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