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Environmental organizations send "letter of concern" to Bioregional's One Planet Living team

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation, Ecology Ottawa, Greenspace Alliance for Canada’s Capital, Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability, Horizon Ottawa, Citizen Climate Counsel, and Peoples Official Plan Coalition have written Bioregional a letter of concern regarding the Tewin project.

The letter states, "Tewin project has, since it was first presented to the public and to City Council in October, 2021, used Bioregional’s One Planet Living (OPL) framework for commercial and marketing purposes. In the 15 months since, Tewin has not published an OPL Action Plan to back up its claim. On what basis has Bioregional endorsed the use of the OPL brand for this development?"

The letter describes the deforestation of 70 hectares near Piperville Road and asks how the principles of Bioregional are reconciled with that "egregious action."

See the entire letter here:

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