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Former D&S restaurant sold and transforming into an Indian and Canadian buffet restaurant.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Carlsbad Springs Community Association

CJRO Radio is confirming that the former D&S restaurant at the corner of Russell Rd and Boundary Rd in the core of the village of Carlsbad Springs is now officially sold and will reopen as a new Indian and Canadian food restaurant. The CSCA indicated that they are happy that this historic building is now sold and that a new restaurant will soon open up to replace the former bbq D&S restaurant that was made famous during its years as one of the best place for BBQ in Ottawa. This location was known as Carlsbad Hotel in the 1960's to mid '70 and then became the Oasis, a famous strip joint / bar until it was sold to the local Hell's Angel group based in Carlsbad Springs and became Jack's strap bar and grill. This venture lasted a couple of years and then it was sold to the owners of the catering company D&S where it closed due to major floods that caused the owner to decide to sold the building due to insurance issues. It was for sale since 2017.

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