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House Fire in Carlsbad Springs (January 11) - Recovery Fund for Art & Aurel

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Art and Aurel have lived in the Carlsbad Springs area (outskirts of Ottawa) for over 33 years. As many do, they have spent years perfecting their home, hand-drawn renovations designed by Art, creating the kind of home many of us aspire to own: a home that is unique and special to us, comfortable and practical, a union of functionality and sentimentality wrapped around one physical space. All that was erased overnight.

On Wednesday, January 11th, 2023 a devastating fire, originating from the attic, spread across the roof as the couple was unaware of the dangers above. The fluke fire eventually ate through the roof before collapsing in—destroying everything they have worked so hard to build, and all of their treasured belongings.

Thanks to a passerby who reported the fire and to the community in Carlsbad Springs, we were able to come together to get everyone out safely. For those who have asked, the couple’s furever friend (dog), Kodi, passed away before Christmas of 2022, he was not trapped or harmed by the fire.

Art and Aurel are regarded by their neighbours as friendly and kind, offering a smile or helping hand if needed. Art and Aurel have enriched the lives of those around them, which is why we are starting this GoFundMe to help them get back on their feet after such an unexpected loss of their home.

My name is Kristy Martin, and I'm spearheading this GoFundMe for Art and Aurel, who have been there for my family through thick and thin, they are the godparents to our children and spend nearly every holiday with us, we consider them family and hope we can help give back, even a little bit goes a long way!

We thank you very much for your support and donations, and in addition, we give many more thanks to all: the first responders who responded so rapidly it was unbelievable; the fire crews who deployed from Gloucester, Metcalfe and even some from Kanata; the paramedics; the City of Ottawa Salt Trucks that helped stop the firefighters from slipping on the ice, the Hydro Ottawa team members, and the wonderful people from OC Transpo, Red Cross and Salvation Army, and many more.

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