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Large deforestation starting between Piperville road and Leitrim Road: Tewin project

Updated: Feb 18

A large section of trees between Piperville road and Leitrim road and Anderson road and Ramsayville road in Carlsbad Springs has been removed and transported by huge trucks. CJRO Radio has contacted Taggart and also Councillor George Darouze to request an update on the status of the Tewin project. The Carlsbad Springs Community Association received inquiries from residents and trying to understand what is happening as there has not been any update on what is next since the community presentation that occurred in January 2021, and on the up-coming community plan for Tewin.

Latest update from Councillor Darouze:

I have been hearing from residents about the concerns regarding the work going on in your area. This morning, I reached out to South Nation Conservation Authority to get further information about their knowledge of the work being done, and I have attached the full response below for your knowledge:

Response from South Nation Conservation Authority:

“Our office has received a few calls regarding the tree clearing in the Tewin development area. We have not been able to visit the property or speak with the City staff yet; however, we know a few things:

  • This area is subject to the City of Ottawa Site Alteration By-law (Schedule B); however, my understanding is that lands can be cleared for agricultural purposes.

  • There are many mapped watercourses within this square that are regulated by SNC; there is a Municipal Drain in the area.

  • This area may contain wetlands as there are mapped unevaluated wetlands. However, this area is not within the area identified by the City of Ottawa as requiring a wetland evaluation as part of the South Bear Brook Wetland Evaluation Project.

We do not have any active permits for this area. If residents observe alterations to watercourses, they can submit a report to SNC via our website:

Best regards,


This information is directly from South Nation, and I will continue to be in contact with them as well as the community association. Do not hesitate to reach out with any additional concerns.

Kindest regards,


"They informed me that they are doing work to “measure settlement for the Tewin lands that will be measured for years. (they) are also cleaning up the areas that were hit the worst by the storm last May. They are doing this work outside of the urban area, and the work is being undertaken using forest management practices.” Furthermore, Taggart has advised us that they made city staff aware of the work. Furthermore, there will be a process for volunteers to join a Community Advisory Committee, and there will be an invitation process coming in the future that we will be relaying to the community as soon as we have information.

I hope that this information helps answer your questions, and members of my staff will also be present at the Carlsbad Springs Community Association meeting tonight to provide this information, as well as take questions from community association members.

Kindest regards,


Update on February 17, from M. Taggart ( VP Planning & Development

Tamarack Homes & Tartan Home):

"We are working north of Piperville and Anderson to clean up the areas that were hit the worst by the storm last May. This work is outside the urban area. It is in the designated rural area. It is not designated as wetland or floodplain. This parcel was formerly farmland that had been left fallow for a number of years. There was a mix of bushes, grass, and trees. Many trees fell or broke during the storm. City staff are aware of the work.

Hope this helps.

We are in the process of setting up the Community Liaison Committee. Notices will be out for volunteers by the end of the month."

Michelle Taggart | VP Planning & Development

Tamarack Homes & Tartan Homes"

Déforestation importante débutant entre les chemins Piperville et Leitrim: Projet Tewin

Une grande partie des arbres situés entre les chemins Piperville et Leitrim, et les chemins Anderson et Ramsayville à Carlsbad Springs ont été enlevé et transporté par des gros camions. CJRO Radio a contacté M. Taggart et le conseiller George Darouze pour connaître l'état de la situation avec le projet Tewin. L'association communautaire de Carlsbad Springs a reçu des demandes de renseignements de la part de résidents qui tentent de comprendre ce qui se passe car il n'y a pas eu de mise à jour depuis la présentation à communauté qui a eu lieu en janvier 2021, et sur le plan communautaire à venir pour Tewin.

Plus d'informations à venir.

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