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Letter from MECP re: Township's failure to consult with residents on extensive land use changes

Thank you for your emails of June 27, 2023, and July 12, 2023, to the Ministry of the

Environment, Conservation and Parks (the ministry) regarding the class environmental

assessment and addendum for the Highway 417 Industrial Park undertaken by the

Township of Russell.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that ministry staff have been in contact

with the Township of Russell (the Township) to discuss your concerns. As part of these

discussions, it was determined that, due to a misinterpretation of the Municipal Class

Environmental Assessment (MCEA), the Township did not comply with the

requirements of the MCEA with respect to consultation. This is because it was

determined that the Township did not consult with all potentially affected members of

the public, including immediately adjacent landowners.

The ministry has therefore advised the Township of Russell that, prior to moving forward

with the servicing of the Highway 417 Industrial Park, any applicable requirements

under the Environmental Assessment Act for project must be met. This includes

notification about any subsequent planned environmental assessment work for the

project to provide the interested members public with accurate and up to date

information. Until the requirements of the MCEA have been addressed, the project

described in the completed MCEA and addendum may not proceed to implementation.

In response, the Township has informed the ministry that it intends to undertake

additional environmental assessment work.

If you require further assistance regarding the MCEA process, please contact Mr. Jon

Orpana, Regional Environmental Planner, at or (613 548 6918).

For any questions regarding the additional environmental assessment work that is to be

undertaken by the Township for the servicing of the Highway 417 Industrial Park, please

reach out to Jonathan Bourgon at and 613 443 1747 x.



Nick Colella

A/Manager, Environmental Assessment Services

Environmental Assessment Branch

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