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Little Ray is Looking for Hope

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

PRESS RELEASE FROM Little Ray's Nature Centre and FARE - Foundation For Animal Rescue and Education

Click below to listen to the interview:

Since April of 1995 Little Ray's has been rescuing, sheltering, rehabilitating, releasing or rehoming rescued animals from Ontario and across Canada. They have created programs to educate on responsible pet ownership, conservation and environmental rehabilitation. They work with the Ontario province and federal government to home animals that were/are seized or abandoned. And all revenue generated from the Little Ray Nature Centres, festivals and programming directly fund these animal conservation and welfare efforts. Covid is hitting hard and Little Ray's is once again at risk of closing. With January, February and March being the highest revenue generating months, Little Ray's depends on this revenue (up to 60% made during this time) to survive and support their rescue operations. Little Ray's lost March of 2020, their single busiest month of the year. Having also lost January through March 2021 and now losing January through March season in 2022, Little Ray's cannot stay open without help. Little Ray's is an organization that cannot simply turn off the heat and lights and wait another lockdown out - the 900 rescued animals in their care depend on them for shelter, care and food. They are very thankful for the wage and rent subsidy programs they have received from the federal government as well as the support from their members and community. Although the Province of Ontario seemed to do everything they could to support, Little Ray's continues to fall through the cracks and fails to qualify for grants and programs with restrictive criteria that do not take live animal care into consideration. Even if they wanted to borrow more money there are no FedDev Ontario programs. There is no HASCAP program for our type of business. To ask again for public help is a difficult thing. But they are putting the animals and staff ahead of their pride. They have served the Ottawa and surrounding community, the province and Canada for 26 years and have saved over 6000 animals and run educational programming and conservation efforts across Canada. If you are interested in speaking with Paul 'Little Ray' Goulet about our campaign you can reach out to to book an interview with him. Thank you for your support with sharing our need for funding for Canada's Largest Exotic Animal Rescue. Sincerely, Shane McConnell Little Ray's Nature Centre FARE - Foundation For Animal Rescue And Education

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