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Candice Vetter, coming into your home from mine.

CJRO news received this response to the question of whom Cumberland Ward residents can contact regarding the urban expansion issue.

Hello Candice, Councillor Darouze is currently overseeing the rural portions of Cumberland Ward. If any residents have any questions regarding the on going conversations around the New Official Plan they can reach out to staff on the Engage Ottawa site here or email the Councillor directly at and we can forward their comments to staff. Kindest regards, Jane Powell Executive Assistant 613-580-2490 110 Laurier Ave W. Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

Ottawa City Council is voting on May 27, on a 25-year-plan based on pre-pandemic information, which many of Ottawa's residents, both rural and urban, have said is inappropriate at this time.

Ottawa Public Health and the City of Ottawa want to hear from all residents about our community response to COVID-19. They have launched a survey, COVID-19: SHARE Your Thoughts. They hope to learn about residents’ thoughts and understanding of the current restrictions related to COVID-19. They are asking questions about changes people have made, their understanding of the messages and what kinds of supports they have used. They are also looking for suggestions on how to safely and gradually reopen the city. Provide feedback by May 18, 2020. The surveys are confidential, anonymous and take about 10 minutes. Go to the engage.ottawa website to register, then fill out the survey. Residents will need to register on the Engage Ottawa website before they can fill out the online survey.

Community Safety and Well-Being Plan The City’s collective work on the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan is moving forward. In a news release staff said they were heartened to see how the community is supporting each other in the most remarkable ways, as we stay strong and connected while being apart. You can tell the City what safety and well-being issues are key for you as they build the pandemic and post-pandemic plan. Share your views through the online survey, which is open until the end of May.

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