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Mayor Watson avoiding talking to CJRO

Dear Mayor Watson,

I hope you continue to be well.

I have reached out to you before regarding the Tewin development and how it achieved your support without going through normal processes, and against the advice of City staff.

CJRO is the only accredited news outlet focused on Carlsbad Springs, Edwards and nearby communities, which will be more affected by the proposed subdivision than any other part of Ottawa, yet none of the participants from the City or from Tewin has agreed to an interview--with the single exception of Glenn Gower a few months ago.

So far there has been zero consultation with residents here, many of whom have contacted me with their concerns. I have now been told (through Syntax) that Taggarts will be meeting with community associations, but it is unclear if I will be allowed to report on those meetings.This is especially concerning considering the history of Taggarts v. Carlsbad Springs. Will you or Jann Harder (whom I've also reached out to) please agree to an interview, or explain why you will not?

Thank you.

Best regards,

Candice Vetter

Good Afternoon Ms. Vetter,

Thank you for reaching out to the Mayor’s office. The Mayor is otherwise engaged at the moment and I have been asked to get back to you in his stead. As you can imagine, the Mayor has been quite busy as of late with his Council obligations surrounding the LRT, managing the City’s COVID response, and preparing for the upcoming City budget consultations. As such, the Mayor recommends reaching out to either Taggart or the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) for further comment. Alternatively, if you are looking to speak to a City representative, you may wish to reach out to Councillor Scott Moffatt as he is co-Chair of the City’s Planning Committee. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and, on behalf of Mayor Watson’s office, I wish you all the best.


Benjamin Poirier Communications Officer / Agent des communications

Office of Mayor Jim Watson / Bureau du maire Jim Watson

City of Ottawa / Ville d’Ottawa

Dear Benjamin,

Thank you for your response. I have reached out several times to the AOO and to Syntax Strategic. That is how I was informed there will be meetings with community associations. However, it does not sound like there will be public meetings or a chance for media to be present, hindering my job of keeping our listeners informed of the single biggest change to come to our listening area.

Best regards,


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