Mix Ball hockey Recreational League looking for players in Carlsbad Springs

The MCL Ball Hockey league is offering 3 on 3 mix ball hockey at the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre gym this fall. The games will be held on each Mondays between 7pm and 9pm. To register please visit https://mclhockey.com/Registration/registration.php

For more information on the league please visit: https://mclhockey.com/League-Monday/monday.php


La ligue de hockey-balle MCL offre du hockey-balle mixte 3 contre 3 au gymnase du Centre communautaire de Carlsbad Springs cet automne. Les parties auront lieu les lundis entre 19h et 21h. Pour vous inscrire, visiter https://mclhockey.com/Registration/registration.php ou pour plus d'informations sur la ligue, veuillez visiter: https://mclhockey.com/League-Monday/monday.php

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