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More news, or lack thereof, for Boundary Road

Hello, bonjour, and welcome to a written piece for Local First. I'm Candice Vetter, and I have been attempting to get interviews from several persons involved in the proposed Tewin development. I recently requested an interview from the Council of Pikwakanagan regarding information they may have received from Taggarts regarding the new development and the proposed landfill. The Council did not respond at all, but Jennifer Stewart, the consultant and CEO from Syntax Strategic sent me a short reply.

My questions are below, followed by Ms. Stewart's answer.

From: Candice Vetter Sent: March 15, 2021 12:42 PM To: Alanna Hein at Council of Pikwakanagan Subject: Taggarts plans - request from radio host

Dear Council of Pikwakanagan,

I am a reporter with Carlsbad Vars Radio and host of Local First. I am writing regarding the proposed CRRRC landfill which was promoted by the Taggart Group, with whom you are currently partnered, by Miller Waste, and by the engineering firm Golder Associates.

I was reviewing parts of the proposal on the Ministry of Environment's website, and came across this phrase, "Appendix G references two meetings that Taggart Miller had with the Algonquins of Ontario First Nation. These meetings are reported as having occurred on April 9 and October 8, 2013. While a record is provided for the April meeting, the EA does not include any information about the October meeting, such as meeting notes or a meeting summary memo."

I also found this statement, "The following Aboriginal communities and organizations were consulted: Métis Nation of Ontario, Ottawa Metis Nation Council, Algonquins of Ontario Consultation Office, Algonquins of Ottawa, Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation and Mohawks of Akwesasne. This list was developed in consultation with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. The proponent provided them with information on the EA throughout the process."

People in the area to be affected by a 450,000-tonne/year landfill were told by the MOE that the CRRRC proponents received no comments from the Algonquins of Ontario and Pikwakanagan First Nation. Yet, here are two meetings, during which there must have been some comments. Can you please provide me with the comments that were made? Or, alternatively, if no comments/objections were made, as was the Council's task according to the MOE, can you provide the rationale?

The proposed landfill is on unceded Algonquin territory and will cause complete habitat destruction on that forested wetland, as well as air and water pollution that will extend far off-site. It seems unlikely that a First Nation would not have an objection to something like that on its territory, which is why I'm contacting you directly.

Also, since you are now in partnership with Taggarts, and their reputation, what have they told you about their plans for a mega-landfill? Were you informed that it would be across the road from both potential AOO land claims property (two parcels, one on Boundary Road and one on Mitch Owens) and from the proposed Tewin development? Local residents are curious to know how major development and a huge dump next door can coexist. Or have Taggarts discussed same with you?

I would very much like to interview someone on Council regarding this matter.

If someone from Pikwakanagan Council can respond this week that would be very much appreciated.

Best regards,

Candice Vetter

Writer/Freelance Journalist/Photographer Reporter and Radio Host of Local First for Carlsbad Vars Radio

Media Inquiry: Taggarts plans - request from radio host

2021-03-17 09:53

Jennifer Stewart <>

Good morning Candice,

I hope you are well, and thank you kindly for your request below.

Unfortunately, given scheduling issues, we will not be able to respond to your request.

Thanks again and stay well.


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