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New CJRO Radio production studio now open in Embrun.

The new production studio for CJRO Radio (107,7 FM in Embrun, Russell and Carlsbad Springs and 107.9 FM in Vars and Sarsfield) is now open and available for volunteers to use to produce shows, interviews and local news. Contact us today at if you are interested in volunteering or for inquiries.

The new studio is situated inside the Coop Embrun building on Notre-Dame. CJRO Radio would like to thank Coop Embrun for their community partnership and for helping CJRO Radio to use this local for their weekly and daily productions. CJRO Radio uses the Rodecaster system to record shows and interviews. Training is available for new volunteer to use the equipment.

Our second studio is situated inside the Carlsbad Springs Community Centre on Piperville Road in south-east rural Ottawa. This facility also has a Rodecaster for volunteers to use to produce a variety of content and programming for the station.

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