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Open letter to MPP Sarazin calls for Ford's and Clark's resignations

Mr. Sarrazin. Below is my letter to Mr. Ford.

While it boggles the mind that I need to say this, given the AG's findings, I am explicitly communicating to you, my representative. I want to see legislature recalled in order to reverse the Greenbelt redesignation and that this land remain protected as was intended. Moreover, your government has lost the moral authority and people's trust to lead.

Ford and Clark must resign at a minimum. I would like to see you support these measures, as well as the recommendations I propose below. It is the only way I can continue to have some trust in you as an ethical representative.

I look forward to hearing from you to explain what your next steps will be.

Rhonda Bradley

Russell Township

Begin forwarded message:


Subject: AG Report

Mr. Ford - I find myself overwhelmed with rage this morning, I'm not even sure where I should begin. In no particular order - here is what I'm thinking:

If you paid a crisis management firm to develop yesterday's post-AG report messaging, go get your money back immediately.

To compare the travesty committed by your government to a fire response, during a summer when Canada is LITERALLY burning due to past land use mis-management is beyond mind-blowing. To suggest that your Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, his political staff and the Deputy Minister (at the time, as I see you've put a poor newbie in the Chair to hold this bag of crap!) were running into said fire is deeply offensive and betrayal of the hundreds of men and women who are on the actual front lines of those same wild fires I mention above. That is bravery and true public service. What you and your government have done is beyond contempt. It takes my breath away.

So let's look at the travesty itself. The deal stunk from the beginning, and no one is really surprised you favoured your wealthy buddies. You have never really been about "the little guy". The AG simply confirms that you fancy yourself a parochial Napoleon who thinks he knows better than the people of this province. What is truly shocking is how you corrupted the department of Municipal Affairs and Housing. No one can trust them or their decision-making now. Perhaps if the then Deputy Minister, Ms. Manson-Smith, or any members of the so called "Greenbelt Project Team" had 'blown the whistle' on all of this, maybe the public could have faith. But instead, they followed orders.

You say you don't micro-manage. I say that while you may not have pulled the trigger, you most certainly loaded the gun and cocked it. Your fingers are all over this. That you would stand in front of a microphone and suggest otherwise says a lot about your respect for the people of this province. We are not buying what you are selling Mr. Ford.

The people of this province want solutions that carefully balance the complex demands on land use.

The people of Canada need Ontario to be a responsible, thoughtful partner in climate change, resource management and housing.

The little guy thinks you should stop standing on our necks and telling us we ought to be grateful.

Here's what I believe needs to happen. At a minimum.

The Housing Minister should have resigned yesterday. He's lost the moral authority to lead. If he doesn't resign today, you need to remove him.

  • The Chief of Staff within his office needs to be investigated by the OPP and you need to call for it.

  • The Deputy Minister at that time needs to be disciplined for violating the Public Service of Ontario Act. Moving her to a new post in Education seems like a reward without holding her to account.

  • The MMAH staff involved in the "Greenbelt Task Force" need to take (or re-take) a course on ethics and be provided the tools to take action when being asked to take unethical action.

  • And you, Mr. Ford, need to take a good long look in the mirror and see if you have any humility left. I'd love to see you resign, although I acknowledge that is pure wishful thinking on my part. At a minimum, you need to fix your mess. Again.

Rhonda Bradley

Russell, ON

MMAH Minister Steve Clark. Government of Ontario photo

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