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Parisien Precast - Sarsfield fundraiser

Marc Schnupp has organized a fundraiser for his friends:

"Parisien Precast, a family owned business since 1958, recently lost their barn/workshop/livelihood in the May 21,2022 storm. The storm here in Ottawa left much damage even leaving people without power for 5-10 days. Being friends of ours and a staple in the community we thought we would try and raise some money to help them rebuild all that was lost. Being able to do all their concrete work inside this barn, Helen and Steph were devastated as it collapsed right before there eyes. They are currently rebuilding but due to it being an older structure on their property they were unable to insure it. It is a difficult task to rebuild and financially hard to attain. So if you can help them, even if just a little bit, please do:-) thanks for taking the time to help."

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