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Road Improvements on Hamilton Road, St-André Road, and Route 400 Begun

Township of Russell

Road improvements begin today on Hamilton Road, St-André Road, and Route 400!

Hamilton Road is getting completely reconstructed from Craig Street to Route 200. Crews will be removing 2.1km of pavement, adding stone, and a layer of asphalt. There will be wide-paved shoulders for pedestrians and cyclists. This project is budgeted at $552,129.

St-André Road will have 4.4km of pavement removed and replaced from Route 400 to Marionville Road. This resurfacing project is budgeted for $857,150.

Route 400 is also being resurfaced. Pavement will be removed and replaced from St-Albert Road to the unopen right-of-way. This 1.4km project is budgeted for $269,000.

There are no road closures at this time for these projects. In the coming weeks, there will be short road closures (1-2 days) with detours to complete culvert replacements on Hamilton Road St-André Road. Register for Township road closures notices at

Roads are prioritized using the engineer's recommendations in the 2019 Road Condition Assessment Report. Roads are ranked for construction based on the condition, speed limits, traffic volume and best investment. See the full paving list and other capital projects for 2022 at

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