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Rogers now offering fiber to the home high speed internet service to 169 homes in Carlsbad Springs.

The photo above was taken in July 2021 when the ISED financing for the Rogers expansion was announced. In the photo: local homeowners Jean Ménard and Suzanne Leroux , Denis Labrèche representing the Carlsbad Springs Community Association, two Rogers reps, Marie-France Lalonde (MP Orléans), Stephen Blais (MPP Orléans) and Catherine Kitts (City of Ottawa Councilor for the Cumberland Ward).

Rogers cable confirmed that 169 homes are now able to receive high speed internet service via their new fiber to the home service that was installed over the past 6 months on various roads in Carlsbad Springs such as Boundary Road north, Carlsbad Lane (west of Russell Road), Russell Rd up to Leitrim Rd, Foubert Ct, Thunder Road (east of Farmers' way up to Boundary rd area), Farmer's Way between Thunder rd and Hwy 417.

That was phase 1. Phase 2 will add more homes and the project is just starting and should be completed in approximately 3 months according to Rogers. Phase 2 will provide fiber to the home service to sections of Farmers' Way - north of Russell Road, Russell Rd (past Letrim road area), Carlsbad Lane (east of Russell Road) and also a few others locations such as Hall road that have no high speed internet service at the moment. Please see section in green below.

Back in 2021 Rogers obtained funding from ISED (Federal government) for this rural expansion and the company said they are financing the phase 2 directly with funds from Rogers.

Other locations west of Farmer's Way such as Piperville Road, Thunder Road and Anderson Road in Carlsbad Springs already had access to Rogers high speed internet via coax through fiber to the neighborhood connectivity that was installed previously during a large rural expansion for their internet service back in early 2000. The Carlsbad Springs Community Association with one resident (Jean Ménard) was responsible to convince Rogers to invest in this rural expansion project in part because of the need for work from home due to the pandemic and also the fact that almost 200 homes did not have fast reliable high speed internet service for their homes in the community of Carlsbad Springs.

The map below shows the Rogers fiber Internet expansion for phase 1 and phase 2.

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