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Saucier honoured with tree

Cindy Saucier, former Russell Township Councillor, exceptional committee member and long-time advocate for nature, especially trees, was honoured on Thursday, October 12th with a tree planted in front of the Jean-Paul St-Pierre building, the Russell branch of the Township Library. The short ceremony was attended by over 70 persons, including her family, representatives from Township, South Nation Conservation, and numerous other organizations which Saucier has worked with over almost four decades years of living in the Township. The commemoration was organized by Connie Johnston and came as a complete surprise to Saucier. Cindy and her husband Mike Saucier have moved to Morrisburg.

Cindy Saucier received accolades, flowers, certificates and photos from guests at the ceremony honouring her contributions to Russell Township. Her husband Mike is to right and organizer Connie Johnston just behind him. Candice Vetter photo

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