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Survey - Yes, I want Rogers Cable and Internet for my home in Carlsbad Springs / Sondage

Sondage - Oui j'aimerais avoir le service du cable et Internet de Rogers à Carlsbad Springs.

For home owners on Carlsbad Lane (west), Boundary Rd (north), Leitrim / Halls / Russell Rd intersection, Foubert / Farmers' Way (south) and Thunder Road (east of Halls) neighborhoods - In April 2020 the Carlsbad Springs Community Association had solicited Rogers Cable to request that 120 homes in the areas above be added to their current network. When the build is complete these neighborhood would be able to access Rogers Cable television and Internet services (at speed of up to 1GB with unlimited connectivity). Rogers has accepted the CSCA invitation and is currently doing a high level study of their network to determine the building cost to expand their services in those neighborhoods. As indicated the cost to expand their network will be a shared cost between home owners and Rogers. As soon as additional details are available the CSCA will be posting updates on this website, on and on CJRO Radio 107.7 FM.

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