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Taggarts issued Stop Work Order by City

Don Herweyer, GM of Planning, released this Memo:

M E M O / N O T E D E S E R V I C E

On February 17th, 2023, staff were made aware of a tree cutting operation on the land north of

Piperville Road between Ramsayville and Anderson Roads (GLOUCESTER CON 7 PT LOTS 16

TO 20). The land where the tree cutting occurred is immediately to the south of a portion of the

Tewin urban growth area, as approved in the new Official Plan. The site is a part of a larger area

that was considered and evaluated for urban growth as a part of the development of the City’s

Growth Management Strategy.

The property is subject to the provisions of the Tree Protection By-law, 2020-340 and the Site

Alteration By-law, 2018-164. A stop work order was issued under the Tree Protection By-law on

February 22nd to halt tree cutting activities to allow time for City staff to visit the site to investigate.

Staff have confirmed that trees were removed from this land and that no tree permit was obtained from the City.

The landowner has provided notice that cutting operations were in support of future agriculture-

related uses and they indicated widespread damage from the 2022 Derecho incident. The Tree

Protection By-law and Site Alteration By-law provide for exemptions where permits are not

required, including where tree removal is required for normal farm practices as a part of an

agricultural operation.

City staff will continue to monitor the activities on the site to determine consistency with by-law

exemptions. Staff will provide further updates as required.

Thank you,

Don Herweyer, MCIP, RPP

Acting General Manager, Planning, Real Estate and Economic Development Department

To / Destinataire Mayor Sutcliffe and Members of Council

From / Expéditeur Don Herweyer, Interim General

Manager, Planning, Real Estate and

Economic Development

Subject / Objet Tree Clearing near Tewin Area Date: February 28, 2023

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