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Tewin Land development identified at 4km west of the village of Carlsbad Springs

The area just south of Anderson Links golf course set to become an urban area.

The new Schedule showing the revised boundaries for the Tewin Development has just been issued. It is on the last page of the following link and is Schedule C17. Also, Schedule C11-C, showing the Natural Heritage System overlay, is of interest.

The link is

The area above in yellow is plan for future development. The Tewin development area is situated between Anderson Road, limit to the west and Farmer's way to the east; and from Leitrim Road (north area) to Thunder Road to the south with Piperville Rd in the middle. Another section of land between Ramsayville Road to the west and Anderson road to the west and up to Leitrim Road in the north has also been identified. Both areas are near the Anderson Road Hwy 417 exit.

Most media in Ottawa had reported back in February 2021 that the Tewin Land development would be situated near Boundary Road and the Amazon building but this is false. The Tewin land set for development will be just south of the Anderson Road Hwy 417 exit and up to Thunder Road in the south as indicated above. The large area south of Hwy 417 up to Thunder Road and Boundary Road to the east will be natural heritage system (see map above).

Interestingly at its closest point near Ramsayville Road Tewin development will be situated at 4.5 km from Findley Creek and 4km west of the village of Carlsbad Springs via Piperville Road as it middle area.

We were informed that Patterson (owner of Anderson Links golf course) has a deal to sell his acreage he owns on the west side of Anderson Road to Taggart. According to some this land could be retained and designated as part of the green space in the community to show how such a large proportion of land is environmentally friendly and enhances the overall development concept.

Yet another factor is that golf courses are generally not very development is much more profitable so there are no guarantee that it will be kept as a golf course as it could easily be turned into homes. The City still needs to review the proposed plans and approve the use of this land that is currently considered a category 2 while others are category 1. The land is not expected to be develop for at least 10 years.

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