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Tewin project Notice of Commencement out to selected neighbours

The Taggart Group of Companies and Algonquins of Ontario which form the Tewin project proponents have sent a Notice of Commencement to select neighbours near the proposed development. Anyone interested in the project can attend the virtual open house, whether or not they received an invitation. To register go to Virtual Meeting Registration Link:

Tewin posted the results of their first online open house six months after the open house took place. The virtual-only open house was held in January of 2022 and results not posted until June, 2022.

Results included the proponents' answers to residents' concerns.

Residents commented that they moved to the area because it was in the countryside and rich in nature. The Tewin group answered it expects significant changes to occur as the Tewin area transforms from rural to urban. It claimed existing residents will benefit from new infrastructure, parks, roads, pathways, amenities and transit. Land values are also expected to increase in this area. It is not yet known what the impacts might be because a master plan has not yet been developed.

A resident asked if forested lands would be developed. Tewin's responded that a number of environmental studies will be undertaken as part of the Tewin process, saying these "...studies will identify the extent of new development and any impacts. The goal for Tewin is to respect nature and seek opportunities to integrate nature into the community." The following winter (2023) Taggarts ordered that 75 hectares of forest be completely removed before an environmental assessment had been done or the wetlands there evaluated.

A resident with an organic orchard expressed worries about that land use. Tewin said the design team is interested in integrating agricultural uses into the community because there are potential synergies with existing agricultural uses.

In response to several concerns about not having infrastructure in place before adding thousands of homes and people, Tewin said it would identify school sites but it would be up to school boards to choose to build schools. It would be served by transit, probably along the 417 which may be widened to accommodate a bus lane, which would be paid for by an area-specific development charge.

In answer to residents' concerns about the disruption of constant construction Tewin answered that development is expected to take at least 20 years.

In response to a question relating to profit-sharing between Taggart and the AOO the answer was that business arrangements are private and will not be shared publicly.

The proponents also said it is not known if any housing will be dedicated to the Algonquin community.

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