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The process of vaccinating Ottawa residents against COVID-19: a major milestone in the fight.

(information from the City of Ottawa)

The process of vaccinating Ottawa residents against COVID-19 is a major milestone in the fight against COVID-19. During the first phase of the vaccination program, the priority is on vaccinating the people who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, such as the residents of long-term care homes, essential caregivers and others who are working in long-term care.

It is not a simple task to administer the vaccine, as it must be stored at extremely cold temperatures. The City of Ottawa, Ottawa Public Health, the Ottawa Paramedic Service and the Ottawa Hospital are all working together to meet the challenge.

In City-run long-term care homes, staff nurses have been working with the Ottawa Hospital to administer the vaccine, while in many privately run homes, it’s the Ottawa Paramedic Service that is taking the lead. The City of Ottawa has also brought together mobile vaccination teams that include paramedics specially trained to transport, dilute and administer the vaccine safely and efficiently and provide patient care. An Ottawa Public Health clerk is also part of each team.

For more information on the vaccination process, please take a look here: COVID-19 Vaccine - Ottawa Public Health

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