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Township of Russell Accepting Submissions for New “Russell” Namesake

Press Release

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Township of Russell Accepting Submissions for New “Russell” Namesake

Embrun,February 23, 2022—The Township’s Russell Namesake Rededication Committee is

now accepting residents’submissions for our new “Russell” namesake untilMarch 23, 2022.

This initiative comes from a motion by Mayor Pierre Leroux, after community debate over the

Township’s current namesake, Peter Russell.The Township recognizes the offensive nature of

this individual and agree that we do not share his values.The Township of Russell will be

keeping its name but rededicating the honour of the name “Russell” to a new candidate who

better represents the community’s ideals.

To make a nomination, participants must

•be a current Township of Russell resident;

•ensure the nominated namesake has "Russell" as a first name, middle name, or last


•includes a detailed, well-researched explanation of all positives and negatives about the

"Russell" being nominated, why they are worthy of such an important recognition, and

documents to help the Committee verify the claims in the submission; and

•agree to attend the "Russell Namesake Expo" event in May where they will have a booth

to explain to event attendees why their "Russell" nomination should be chosen asthe


The online submission form is available

Residents can request the form in an alternative format, or if they need accessibility support,

they can or 613-443-3066 extension 2312.

The Township of Russell and the Village of Russell were all named in relation to Peter Russell

more than 200 years ago. Peter Russell was known to be a slave owner and believed to be an

active participant in delaying legislation that would put an end to slavery in this region.

Council approved the launch of this initiative at the Special Council Meeting of July 6, 2020.

Media inquiries can be directed

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