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Update on COVID-19 for March 20

Updated: Mar 21

Navan Helping Hands, Ottawa Ward Boundary and No Court for You

Candice Vetter

Helping Hands

In Navan, the Navan Helping Hands Networkhas been created to offer relief to the self-isolated during the pandemic. The group has a Facebook page which users must request to join.

People with cell phones but not on Facebook can request to be added on the Messenger group (no Facebook profile) by calling or texting either Jackie (613-237-2373) or Matthieu (613-296-1120). Please review the Rules below.

No Facebook and no smart phone? Contact Jackie or Matthieu to be paired with an Ambassador around your neighbourhood who will be your primary contact and will assist with posting and coordination on your behalf.

Members or Ambassadorsmay post a request on the Facebook page or on Messenger when in need of food or staple products. Members respond if they can supply the item(s). All conversations following the initial call-out should done in a private chat or by phone (not on the open Facebook post or on the Messenger group).

Helping Hands Members may also post when going out to purchase food/supplies for themselves; other Members and Ambassadors can respond should they need something.

Ambassadors post a need on behalf of a neighbour or friend should that person not have connectivity in the groups.

This is a volunteer group. No service or delivery charges can be applied; only the cost of the food/supplies.

Exchange of funds should take place upon transaction or by the end of the day. E-transfers (Interac) or cash only should be accepted (no “I owe you”).

Helping Hands is meant to be used for food or staple products only (i.e. no alcohol).

Please consider joining this network if you are able to assist.

Ward Boundary Review

Earlier in March residents were invited to participate in the Round 1 public meetings that were to be held across the city for the Ottawa Ward Boundary Review 2020.

In-person City of Ottawa public consultations have been cancelled, which includes public meetings and stakeholder sessions planned for the Ward Boundary Review.

Due to the necessary cancellation of the in-person meetings, residents and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to complete the online survey, submit input through the guestbook, or provide written input to The opportunity to provide input for Round 1 continues until April 3, 2020. Additional information has been added to the project website including the public meeting presentation slides and a new comprehensive background document.

Round 1 of public consultation is gathering input on matters such as issues with the current ward boundaries and how they might be rectified, how many wards Ottawa should have and how many people there should be in each ward.

Following Round 1, there will be an opportunity to comment on various options for a new ward boundary alignment during Round 2 of public consultation. Round 2 will include a feedback survey, opportunity for online discussion through and public meetings.

No Court for You

Earlier this week L’orignal Courthouse announced that all cases had been adjourned. That is the case with all trials in Ontario. Anyone, who is not in custody, whose trial is scheduled for March or April, will have it automatically adjourned to June or later.

Courts will hear urgent matters but all normal court proceedings are suspended.

Audio and video conferencing will be used for hearings for people held in custody.

All license and health card renewals due in March or April are being automatically extended.

Parking restrictions on residential streets in the City of Ottawa are being removed or loosened, to allow for more people staying home during the day.

Here we repeat public health contact numbers during the epidemic.

Government of Ontario Every day at 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ET, the province’s COVID-19)web page will be updated including the status of cases in Ontario. Telehealth Ontario: 1-866-797-0000 Ottawa Public Health 613-580-6744 Government of Canada:

Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region: Distress: 613-238-3311 Crisis: 613-722-6914 or 1-866-996-0991.

Do you have a unique take on this crisis? If yes, contact me at .

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