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Vars and Carlsbad Springs have one of the highest vaccination rates in Ottawa.

The village of Vars with a population of 2217 is at the top with a 99.7% vaccination rate while Carlsbad Springs/ Edwards, population of 3 145 is fourth at 88.9%. Cumberland (village area) is also high at 92.4%.

Strangely Navan-Sarsfield (population: 5810) has one of the lowest rates at only 69.7%.

The study provides a snapshot of COVID-19 vaccination among people 12 years and older across Ottawa, based on ONS neighbourhoods. We are seeing disparities in vaccine rates across neighbourhoods. Using this data, OPH continues to work with community partners including the health care sector to address inequities in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine. OPH and partners have been developing tailored options for specific neighbourhoods to ensure that anyone who wants the vaccine can get it.

When sharing information about neighbourhood coverage, we need to highlight that there are underlying structural and systemic inequities and barriers that prevent people from accessing services. These inequities are long standing and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, have left some communities at increased risk for infection and with fewer protection measures. Further, many Indigenous, Black and other racialized peoples have reduced trust in public institutions, including our health care system, due to systemic racism. This lack of trust can also impact vaccine access and uptake. We will continue to work to ensure all communities have access to the health information they need to promote their health and the health of their families.

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