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Who can currently get the COVID-19 vaccine? Qui peut présentement recevoir le vaccin?

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Who can currently get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Complete our COVID-19 Vaccine Eligibility Screening Tool to see if you can currently receive the COVID-19 vaccine and learn how to book an appointment. Read the information below to learn about the various phases of vaccine distribution and clinic locations.

Check eligibility

Vaccination is underway for Phase 1 and 2:

Phase 2 - Ottawa Public Health is NOT currently booking for the groups below. Please continue to check this webpage for updates.

Vaccination has not yet started for:

Phase 3 - Will occur from July 2021 and beyond, based on vaccine supply.

Vaccines available widely across Ontario for anyone in the general population who wants to be immunized. The ethical framework, data and available vaccine supply will help to prioritize groups in this phase. These timelines are subject to change subject to change and are dependent on possible additional vaccine approvals and supply.

Getting your vaccine

Please make sure that you are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and make an appointment at a clinic that serves your category of eligible individuals. The vaccination clinics locations in Ottawa were selected with accessibility being the main consideration.

Second dose information

Vaccine appointments scheduled via Ottawa Public Health:

As per provincial guidelines, currently Ottawa Public Health is only booking second doses for First Nations, Inuit and Métis community members. All other individuals who have received their first dose at an Ottawa Public Health Clinic and are waiting for their second dose are encouraged to sign-up for the City of Ottawa’s COVID-19 Vaccine e-subscription) and follow local news sources for more information. When second dose appointments are available the City will communicate to the public.

Vaccine appointment scheduled via provincial booking system:

Individuals who use the provincial booking system are asked to schedule their first and second doses when they make appointments.

Did you receive one dose outside of the province?:

If you are eligible for vaccination in Ontario and already got one dose outside of the province, call the Provincial Vaccine Booking Line at 1-833-943-3900 (TTY 1-866-797-0007) to schedule your second dose. You cannot book an individual dose online.

You will need to provide information about your first dose (for example, what vaccine you got, where and when you got it).

Read our frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccination.

Community clinics

Individuals served:

  • Adults 60 years of age and older

  • Adults 50 years of age and older in “hot spots” including postal codes starting with K1T, K1V and K2V.


  • Please note: Some of the community clinics are now open but more can be operational within 72 hours in the event large amounts of vaccines become available.

Horticulture Building (Opening soon)

  • 1525 Princess Patricia Way

Eva James Memorial Centre

  • 65 Stonehaven Drive

Nepean Sportsplex

  • 1701 Woodroffe Avenue

Ottawa City Hall

  • 110 Laurier Avenue West

St-Laurent Complex

  • 525 Côté Street

The Ottawa Hospital - Civic Campus

  • 1053 Carling Ave

Queensway Carleton Hospital

  • 3045 Baseline Rd

Ruddy Family YMCA-YWCA

  • 265 Centrum Blvd

Vaccination offered:

  • Pfizer-BioNtech and/or Moderna

Book appointment

Additional information:

When you book your appointments through the provincial booking system, you will receive a confirmation code. Please bring this code with you when you go to your appointments. If you do not have a confirmation code, your appointments were not successfully completed. Please revisit the provincial booking system or call 1-833-943-3900 to book your appointments and receive your confirmation code.

How to prepare for vaccination:

Pop-up clinics in high risk communities

Individuals served:

  • Adults receiving chronic home health care

  • Adults 60 years of age and older in high-risk neighbourhoods

  • Clients or members of The Good Companions Seniors’ Centre age 60 or over (born in or before 1961)

  • The pop-up vaccination clinic at the Good Companions is fully booked. Appointments for people 60+ can be made at the community clinics on the provincial portal.

  • High-risk neighbourhoods include:

  • Britannia Village

  • Carleton Heights - Rideauview

  • Carlington

  • Carson Groves-Carson Meadows

  • Centretown West

  • Emerald Woods

  • Greenboro East

  • Hawthorne Meadows

  • Heatherington 

  • Heron Gate

  • Hunt Club East – Western Community

  • Hunt Club Park

  • Ledbury

  • Lowertown (Lowertown East)

  • Manor Park

  • Overbrook-McArthur

  • Parkwood Hills

  • Ridgemont

  • Riverview

  • Sawmill Creek

  • Bayshore-Belltown

  • Sheffield Glen

  • Stewart Farm

  • Vanier North

  • Vanier South

  • Sandy Hill

  • Whitehaven - Queensway Terrace North


Albion-Heatherington Recreation Centre

  • 1560 Heatherington Road 

Canterbury Recreation Complex

  • 2185 Arch Street

Carlington Recreation Centre

  • 1520 Caldwell Avenue

Centre Pauline-Charron

  • 164 Jeanne Mance St

Good Companions Seniors’ Centre (670 Albert Street)

  • The pop-up vaccination clinic at the Good Companions is fully booked. Appointments for people 60+ can be made at the community clinics on the provincial portal.</