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Broadcasting in south-east rural Ottawa sud-est rural d'Ottawa and / et Municipalité de Russell Municipality 

CJRO Radio

Carlsbad Springs | Edwards | Navan 107.7 FM

Vars 107.9 FM

Embrun | Russell village 107.7 FM

Sarsfield 107.9 FM 

*Casselman 107.9 FM 

(*available in spring 2023 / disponible au printemps)

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Latest CJRO Radio News  /
Nouvelles de l'heure


Live streaming
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Sens Nation podcast
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 2:30pm

Le Ouin Bin Show | Facebook

Diffuser à CJRO Radio les samedi à 22h, dimanche et jeudi à 23h.

Nouvelles 13 mars 2023
00:00 / 08:52
News march13-March1-2023
00:00 / 09:55
Nouvelles 20 mars
00:00 / 09:19
News march20-March26-2023
00:00 / 09:38
Gagnier Aime se jaser:
dimanche, mardi, jeudi et samedi (18h)
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Thank you to our community partners /

Merci à nos partenaires communautaires:

Caisse Desjardins


Kin Club of Russell (Catch the Ace)

Big Bite Bistro (Russell)

Bibliothèque publique du canton de Russell

Councillor George Darouze (Osgoode Ward - City of Ottawa)

 Township of Russell Public Library

Municipality de Russell (Embrun FM transmitter)

Carlsbad Springs Community Association

Ferme Nicolas Dessaint (Sarsfield FM transmitter)

Ken Doyle (Vars FM transmitter)

City of / Ville d'Ottawa (Carlsbad FM transmitter)

Julie Leduc / Morgage Brokers Ottawa

Club Optimiste Embrun

Le Ouin Bin Show (Mario Bourgeois)

Lamoureux Pumping

Eastern Ontario Agri-Food Network 

Association communautaire de Sarsfield

National Community and Campus Radio Association (NCRA)

Wolf's General Mercantile Pizza Takeout and Slices 

Marc Lalonde (Can Rock)

 Mark Stenzler (Blues Zeppelin show)

Véronique Labbé (La route vers l'ouest)

Adrian & Anthony's Musical Adventures radio show

The Sam Pomerant Show

The Allan and Andrea variety theme show

Club Optimiste de Carlsbad Springs

Chevaliers de Colomb - Conseil 9519

Club Age d'or St-Laurent Carlsbad Springs

GVE Lawyers

Renarde-Woman (Marc-Antoine Gagnier)

Eastern Ottawa Resource Centre

Russell Meadows

Sarah Toll, Broker (Remax)

Festival Country Wendover

MCL Hockey Ball Hockey League

Productions JB (Devant le Juke box)

Association communautaire de Vars /

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