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CJRO News: July 2 to July 14, 2024

Hello bonjour and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I'm Candice Vetter reporting from Embrun.

Petitions to add a four-way stop to the intersection of St. Pierre Road and Route 200 in Russell Township are circulating physically and on social media. The intersection is the site of two fatal accidents and residents fear that the intersection and similar intersections of high-speed roads in the township will have more serious accidents.

Petition supporters in front of Russell Township Hall on June 24. Photo Candice Vetter

Intersection where two fatal accidents have occurred, showing both shrines.

Photo Candice Vetter

Russell Township has announced that a by-election will be held on Monday, September 30, to fill the vacant Councillor seat. This seat will be for over half of the remaining term which ends November 14, 2026. To make sure you’re on the voters’ list go to The media release said the township will be sharing more information on the nomination period and process when that becomes available. The byelection is to replace the seat left vacant when Councillor Mike Tarnowski was appointed as Mayor recently.

New mayor of Russell Township Mike Tarnowski. Photo Candice Vetter

Multiple news agencies have reported that former Hawkesbury General Hospital doctor, Brian Nadler, has been acquitted of the four charges of murder and four charges of criminal negligence against him in the deaths of four seniors with Covid in 2021. CBC reported the Crown said the reason for the acquittal was that the pre-trial judge decided to make certain evidence inadmissible, and the Crown prosecutors decided the Crown did not have a reasonable chance of success without that evidence. The Ottawa Citizen reported that Nadler's lawyer, Brian Greenspan, argued the Crown's expert witness was not properly qualified to speak to issues “that were central to this case, namely the cause of death”.   By acquitting Nadler the Crown is allowed to lodge an appeal, which it cannot do if charges are withdrawn or stayed. In 2023 Nadler sued the hospital and some staff members for $20 million claiming defamation. Also in 2023 the family of one of the deceased sued Nadler, the hospital and some staff for $1.75 million.

South Nation Conservation has announced that it and the Rideau Valley and Raisin River conservation authorities are pausing consultation on the updated wetland mapping they had been engaged in. The release said, “Over the coming months, the conservation authorities will work with ministry staff, municipalities, and stakeholders to develop this local approach. Please note that this means that open houses and one-on-one meetings with property owners will be paused and rescheduled at a later date.” For more on SNC’s wetland mapping listen to CJRO’s interview with Carl Bickerdike of SNC on Local First.

CJRO wants to report on the local news that matters, so send news ideas, issues and comments to by Monday mornings. Listen to the news and Local First on anytime or on the Tune In or Radio Player Canada apps, or at I'm Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO, last on the dial and first for local news.


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