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CJRO News: June 17 to June 23, 2024

Hello bonjour and welcome to CJRO News on CJRO Radio. I'm Candice Vetter reporting from Embrun.

The New York Central train station in Embrun is getting a new lease on life. The New York Central line used to run from New York City to Ottawa, through Embrun, Russell and Osgoode. A committee has been fundraising for the last two years for a new foundation and other repairs to the historic old building. Members made the announcement at a recent Russell Township Council meeting. The committee said the updated engineering study and repair estimates will be funded in equal part by the municipality and the organization. It is encouraged by Mayor Mike Tarnowski.

The New York Central Station in Embrun shows its historically accurate paint job. Photo Candice Vetter

A driver was killed in a two-vehicle accident at the corner of Route 200 and St. Pierre Road in Russell Township on Friday, June 14. The driver, a young woman, was pronounced dead at the scene. According to family on Facebook, her passenger had injured organs and multiple fractures and is in a medically-induced coma. OPP did not release the names, but said, “the second driver and passengers from both vehicles were transported to hospital with serious injuries.” Anyone who may have relevant dashcam video or witnessed the collision is asked to contact the OPP. A petition is now circulating demanding a four-way stop and rumble lines before that intersection and at other high-speed intersections in the township. That is not the first fatality there. The petition says, “Our population growth has led to a significant increase in traffic, making this an urgent issue that requires immediate attention.”

Two separate fatalities are marked along Route 200 near Embrun. Foreground shows flowers left after the accident June 14. Photo Candice Vetter

Then on Sunday, June 16, Ottawa Police, with firefighters and paramedics, were called to a collision with serious injuries at approximately 9:50 a.m. on Mitch Owens Road between Hall Road and Boundary Road. Ottawa Paramedics said a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. He was taken to the Ottawa Hospital’s trauma centre.

New provincial regulations have made conservation authorities change policies, procedures and mapping. The former buffer of 120 metres from a wetland was slashed to 30 metres by the current government of Ontario. Consequently South Nation Conservation is seeking public input on the new development policies and wetland mapping. Watershed residents can schedule individual meetings, or attend one of the open houses next week in Cumberland, Manotick or Finch.

The mayor of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal, Tory Descamps, said Spencerville welcomes a battery energy storage system, or BESS, which will be the largest in Canada, at 390 megawatts. According to the Canada Newswire Service the project, Skyview 2, is a joint venture between Potentia Renewables and the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation. It will take up 30 acres along Dobbie Road and have 400 lithium battery containers, which are about the size of shipping containers. Similar projects were proposed for near Ottawa but were withdrawn due to local opposition. Opponents are concerned about fires caused by lithium overheating, and contamination of groundwater and surface water caused by spraying water or foam on the fires. The property in question has a watercourse, is next to a forest, and is surrounded by municipal drains.

A report done for the City of Ottawa’s Planning and Housing Committee says the City will hire consultants to look at the new skyscraper developments recently approved for properties beside the Experimental Farm in Ottawa. The City plans to spend up to $50,000 to recommend ways shadowing on the farm’s fields, and other construction disruptions, can be reduced. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will provide data, which will then be used to conduct shadow analyses. The AAFC has said that development projects by Taggart Realty and Theberge will cause a loss of sunlight essential for their experimental crops, but the City of Ottawa is approving the towers anyway. The Farm is a National Historic Site and a world-renowned research institution.

A news release from the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre says toll highway and toll bridge themed phishing messages are increasing. The fraudsters claim a toll fee must be paid to avoid late fees or license suspension, then use the payment to get banking information. The anti-fraud centre advises not to click on links in unsolicited messages, even if you have used toll highways or bridges recently. Instead call the agency directly.

CJRO wants to report on the local news that matters, so send news ideas, issues and comments to by Monday mornings. Listen to the news and Local First on anytime or on the Tune In or Radio Player Canada apps, or at I'm Candice Vetter for CJRO News. CJRO, last on the dial and first for local news.

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